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  • who else is injured and cannot ride?
  • Premier Icon Tracey

    Three torn ligaments in my right shoulder have been getting worse so not been biking much, get the results of my MRI and second opinion next week.
    Katie goes in to the Childrens Hospital in Sheffield tommorow for a major back operation on Thursaday. Two titanium rods the length of her spine and numerous hooks and bolts to hold them in place. If all goes well she will be back biking and boarding in 6 months.


    Yep, me too.

    got taken to hospital from a ride 12 days ago, and just got released from hospital.

    Managed to fracture 3 vertibrae in my middle back and crack my left hip socket.

    6 weeks off my feet, and i’ve got to wear a stupid metal brace to keep my back together. Just had to cancel my week away with Trail Addiction because of this.


    Landed on my shoulder in the middle of Swinley on Sunday. Nothing broken, but a lot of pain 🙁 . getting back with two kids was not pretty – especially as one bike had to go on the roof 😕

    Premier Icon tinman66

    Yep knackered knee. Did the Vatternrundan four weeks ago and tore something in my knee with about 130km to go and had to ride all the way with one decent leg.

    Dr’s say it needs rest but really frustrating because it feels ok until i try and pedal then it just gives up again. Meant to be riding the On-One Hundred at Dalby but that ain’t going to happen without a miracle healing. Gutted and so frustrated.

    Premier Icon BoardinBob

    Did my ribs in a couple of weeks ago. Can barely pick up a sheet of paper without wincing. Morzine in 1 week 🙁


    8 weeks after mangling my collar bone, I started riding again. Had a little off on wednesday and have cracked it 🙁 Another 6 weeks off the bike. Arsebiscuits.

    Lesson learned. This time I will make sure it is strong enough before venturing onto the mountain bike. Lots of turbo trainer and swimming for me.

    Anyone else off the bike at the moment?


    the plate and nine pins currently holding my wrist together, will likely keep me off the mtb till christmas

    Premier Icon Del

    bad luck kudos.
    3 and a bit weeks after doing my collarbone. actually pretty good, for the most part, i was initially toouch and go for a plate. i seem to be on the mend, and it’s not all that painful compared to last time.
    ah well. it’ll fix.


    I see Oli Beckinsale is also off the bike for while. Snapped femur head

    Premier Icon valleydaddy

    yes I am off the bike too, I dislocated my patella (kneecap) 7 weeks ago, only now I can find I can spin the pedals on the exercise bike, muscle loss has been dramatic, especially after being in a cast/fixed brace for 5 weeks. leg still feels loose, going to be a good while until I can ride in anger again 🙁

    Out. I took a big fall on my hip into tarmac and have a huge multi-coloured bruise. But it’s just hurting a little and not stopping me walking and riding (carefully)


    I got back on the bike on saturday after 8 weeks off after crashing practicing the megavalanche track. Tore a third of my quad and 3 hematomas, 1 in the knee and two in the thigh were my prize. Right leg 3″ bigger than the left at first and now 1’5″ smaller around the thigh.
    I was only a couple of hundred metres from the end of the track too.
    Still can’t flex the knee much past 90 degrees and haven’t been able to work since, i’m a self employed carpenter.
    These things happen though. Injuries are part of this sport and i wouldn’t change that, chicks dig scars right!?

    Premier Icon younggeoff

    :-)Dislocated shoulder 9 weeks ago, waiting to see consultant in september before getting back on the mountain bike skinny road tyres only at the moment. Healing vibes to anyone that’s injured


    broke collarbone at afan just under 2 weeks ago.

    visit to fracture clinic on tuesday to (hopefully) confirm does not need pinning then wait and be patient 🙁


    Off since June 5th….just had some results back, hope to be back on next week….easy does it.


    Realistically I think I will be off until christmas also. Such a bummer as I was just getting back into riding.

    Premier Icon postierich

    Having problems with ciculation in my left leg which seems to aggrivate my achilles tendon so unable to do big rides @ the moment very frustrating as know one seems to know what the solution is. 🙁


    was injured now riding again 😀


    Broke my elbow in 6 places three weeks ago, a minimum of 6 weeks off the bike.
    When im able to it will be strictly road riding, offroad can wait.


    just back out after 9 weeks. New bike, new van, summer… then crash, pelvis smashed. Sucked big time 🙁


    Both knees have been giving me problems since April – tried a few rides in the last few weeks, but pain has returned with vengance. Costing me a fortune at the physio, and also had to pull out of 4 roadie sportives which I had entered and paid for.


    5 weeks now since I dislocated my shoulder in a crash. Off work, no driving let alone cycling – slowly going mad. Shoulder very stiff with limited movement despite physio. It will be a few weeks before I get back on a bike 🙁


    Anyone from the earlier posts recovered yet and riding again? My shoulder still hurts like hell, but am back riding regularly and couldn’t be happier! 🙂


    Been on the turbos since getting knocked off.

    Constructed a timber batten with a cushion on it across the garage so I could ride on the turbos and support my upper body on it

    Premier Icon DaveBro

    robdeanhove – firstly hope you make a full recovery.

    Just had a look at your xray and what you have done is exaclty what i did 3 weeks ago, frustrating, as i had got myself in good shape for K100.

    How long did you wait until you got back on the bike and when you did, did the pain in your sholder limit what you did?

    I am told that the deformity doesnt go (how is yours!), but full function will return – i have no reason to doubt this, but i can’t help wondering why everything doesnt need to be returned to its rightful place to work properly!?

    I can do a turbo session holding onto the bars no problem – but i am consistently being told, do nothing for between 4 to 6 weeks upto 3 months! ‘you may feel able, but its still vulnerable – if you fall off etc. you will potentially do irreversable damange’ etc ….

    Thanks Dave.


    Hey Dave,

    Mine was grade 2. Tried riding Mayhem after 5 weeks, lasted ~6hrs then pain was too great and couldn’t control the fast, bumpy descents. At 10 weeks led TwentyFour12 for 13hrs but bike broke and had to drag it 7miles back to the pits and injured the shoulder doing it, so I’d say 6 weeks to riding, but at risk, 12weeks to riding without pain, but expect discomfort.

    I’ve been riding & racing though as I was impatient after a very careful and well behaved first 5 weeks, so have undoubtedly slowed down a full recovery since then.

    I did see a physio, regularly, and definitely felt the benefits. I’d advise doing the same and get it taped into position to help healing and recovery.


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