who else had an excellent night ride last night?

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  • who else had an excellent night ride last night?
  • Premier Icon Pook

    Particular highlights:

    1) The sheep that stared us out and was this close > < to ramming us
    2) The three mental dogs that barked, came blatting out of a farm at us, then were scared by our lights so just stood about 3 yards away wondering what was going on.
    3) The descents being dry and brilliant

    Top ride.



    Cheeky climb from Tonbridge up to Bidborough ridge via the Weald Way was a monster on 34:18, and the mist and fog made the ride through Haysden tres exciting!

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    Very cold one on Cannock Chase, & quite wet in places. Usual mad descent into Sherbrook Valley, but forestry work made it a hard slog back up again. Love night rides.


    Cold, wet and muddy….a few slow speed offs due to the mud, a snapped chain, a busted free hub…..and lots of laughter and whoops, it was an ace night πŸ˜€


    i didnt get out last night πŸ™
    but will be riding herts shore tonight πŸ™‚


    Redefined the word muddy. Cracking.

    Premier Icon Alex

    Monster muddy and slippy. Brief owl action. Fantastically clear. Lost of unclipped comedy moto type action. Finished with beer. Get everyone riding mountain bikes, sales of TVs and Gym memberships would drop through the floor πŸ™‚

    Dry? Not so much.


    didnt get out for a ride, but had a great run around stanmer park. Misty on the high bits and combined with my headtorch it was a total whiteout…


    Went for a night run. It was fun. Saw some crazy fools kayaking at the local sluice gate, lit up under halogens.


    Nice ride on the chase last night, just 3 of us but we saw a good few lights around. re-claimed a couple of trails that have been overgrown, they were nice. Abbot Reserve after, quite a hefty ale.

    Premier Icon tomaso

    No but I will tonight :mrgreen:

    Premier Icon Bregante

    My night ride took in the delights of Eccles, Weaste and the outskirts of Ordsall and I reckon I saw more wildlife than the lot of you πŸ™‚

    yep great ride here too – saw a full on grown deer and a baby deer about 5 miles apart in the forest! right in the middle of the track on both occasions

    Premier Icon DezB

    Yes, it was brilliant. Nothing spectacular, just the usual ride with trailhound, but I’d had an absolutely shit day and wow did I feel better afterwards. Dog enjoyed it too and kept racing me. πŸ™‚


    Yerp, Ashton Court followed by beers in the mall. Lovely stuff.

    david jey

    Did a ‘non trail centre’ Afan valley ride up to the windfarm and down the bridleway descent to Abercregan. No moon, and hardly any natural light up at the windfarm so the best stars I’ve seen for a while.

    Nice to see quite a few other bikers out and about – busier than a summer evening it was!

    Premier Icon cp

    last night was run night, but watching the sun going down from the office window was mighty impressive. I wanted to be out on an edge overlooking the Peaks.


    Not last night… but will be out tonight… and probably Thursday night too πŸ˜€

    Yep had a cracker, 5 of us round the Corrigrogain circuit from Arrochar. Shame the skies clouded over so no stars, but mild, dry and brilliant fun πŸ˜€


    Good stars last night aswell, over took a roady on the climb home, after a couple of pints. (He was stationary, but it still counts).


    …forestry work made it a hard slog back up again

    QFT. And some people complain about a few bicycle tyre tracks eh?


    The usual Tuesday night waterpark ride for us.

    Yep cracking ride for me and me mate, 15 miles up Cannock Chase.

    Takisawa2 sounds like your route was similar to ours as we also went Sherbrook Valley and then by the forestry works by severn springs.
    We originally were gonna go just to the stepping stones and back but it ended up a wee bit longer as we were having a great time until my mates puncture(felt cold after that)


    Cold and slippery and my legs didn’t work but the whisky was good!

    Premier Icon big_scot_nanny

    well, it started out great. Rode/puffed/swore uphill (bloody steep uphill as well) from 250m – 900m summit that took 1.5hrs, had a biccy and a laugh at the top with my buddy in the pitch black.

    Started on teh route down, first time on this route in teh dark, and with all the leaves we instantly got lost, found the trail again, had fun, then 15 minutes inot what should be 45 mins of the most glorious flowy singletrack descent, my rear mech ate itself. Joy. Had to freewheel down the road and get a bus home! poo!

    Thought about single speeding it, but then remembered, thankfully, that that might not be a good idea on a full suss.

    Did manage to clear, for the first time, a gnarly bit at the top that I normally bottle in the daytime. Wierd that.


    Premier Icon dawson

    yep, pretty cold and clear sky out in Clumber, saw a couple of deer in the middle of Clumber and then 3 or 4 more pretty close to the Lion Gates at the top of Sparken Hill (I realize this will mean nothing to most on here!)


    didn’t go last night but i’m going solo around cwmcarn backwards tonight 😈


    just got in from my first intentional pre-meditated night ride.. (late afternoon early evening really..)

    It was a solo effort so I kept it fairly short and sweet and quit whilst I was ahead.. In all I probably only rode in full darkness for less than an hour…

    It was ace to be able to get the extra few hours of riding in.. I saw a couple of owls and enjoyed certain parts of the trail.. but I’m not sure whether that will be enough to persuade me to go out alone at night around a very moist, dark and slippery Lustleigh Cleave again..

    Premier Icon postierich

    Four of us out around here http://connect.garmin.com/activity/130379216#.TswyW4EAZC0.facebook dropped to 1.1 degrees lots of loose rock, getting used to letting it go going dowm!
    No beer @ the end πŸ˜₯


    esher shore

    just had an excellent night ride this evening!

    blasting around my secret trails in NW London with no one in sight..very nice

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Pretty good thanks.

    Well the ride was good but I was a bit slow.

    Always good to be out though.

    Premier Icon tomaso

    Well Wednesday night was a wet affair in the Lakes but quite mild. Good ride none the less followed by cracking beer in the Watermill at Ings.

    crispy bacon

    A tad late on this but tonights night ride up to Kit Hill & the woods behind in Cornwall with 4 mates was another great ride in superb dry weather. It was a bit windy tho but mainly we were out of the wind in the woods.

    I’m new to night riding & this was only my third ride but I must say what a fantastic experiance night riding is & I’m hooked on it πŸ™‚

    2 hours round rivvy tonight….dry as πŸ˜€

    chaingang last night – sore as πŸ˜₯


    Did my first nightride last night. Got some decent lights and i had a great 2hrs ride with some mates around Newbury area, then couple of hrs in the pub after. its going to be every wed, night now.

    Premier Icon mattbee

    had a really good one this eve too. First proper ride singlespeed, Lordswood was pretty dry overall and I had a go on WCA’s fixie without killing myself.


    last nights herts shore ride was awesome. i taught my mate llew how to manual tables/doubles πŸ™‚


    Had a good one last night, a tree nearly landed on my head πŸ™‚


    Usual Wednesday night ride round the local woods with like-minded loonies – of course it was excellent.
    Bikes, mud, getting lost because of leaf covered trails, fast but slippy descents and a couple of deer, all within a 10 minute ride from home – what’s not to like?

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