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  • Who else had a good ride today?
  • wh1t3kn1ght

    Cracking ride up at Cannock – did the Monkey and tried a little bit of off piste which cut out the long d/h pebbly fire road. Also had an epic fail on one of the rocky sections near the black option – ouch….

    To the guys who did the Malvern’s that is one of my local rides – maybe see you up there sometime ! – I do like the Malvern’s but not as exciting as the trails at Cannock.

    Premier Icon gothandy

    Super 3 laps of Cwmcarn … you just can’t beat Wales when it’s Sunny!


    Everything came together perfectly this weekend.
    1. Brilliant weather.
    2. Wife and daughter away all weekend.
    3. Feeling strong/brave (or more probably just foolhardy).

    Pleasant pootle from Clapham on Saturday.
    30+ miler over Great Hill and Rivi on Sunday. All the best bits crammed into one ride. Just found myself flying through stuff on the 100mm H/T that I’ve balked at on the F/S on occasions. The fantastic condition of the trails made all the difference.

    Only two pinch flats too 🙂 (I really gotta tubeless that hardtail sometime soon).

    All-in-all a fantastic weekend’s riding.

    Premier Icon lowey

    No… I have the kids at Weekends. Going to get out a few nights this week though.


    As per Lowey – two boys join their sister here at the weekend and so three under tens mean no riding at the weekend. Mind, I just had a cracking ride this morning and, judging by my manager’s diary, I should have another one on Tuesday and Thursday 🙂

    Premier Icon RobinL

    We’re on holiday in Portugal seeing some friends who had managed to borrow me a bike, so I tagged along with a group of locals yesterday. Only one spoke English so I had no idea where or how far we were going. A great ride in the Algarve region, 60km when we got back. Dry, dusty tracks and singletrack down by a river, most of the route off-road.


    Me n the bro did a loop north yesterday, starting at ladybower, round glossop etc, 7 hrs in the baking heat! Saw lots of other riders n had a quick chat with a few…though everyone else was going the opposifte direction! We were in red cherry valley gear if any of you guys saw us


    went out again today and rode from home. 78km – totally fubar.


    Commuted to work today. Crawley to Biggin Hill, 25.78 miles each way with a climb of the North Downs at the end of the outward leg.
    Total of 3hrs 58mins of riding – saw a fox, several deer and loads of rabbits in the morning, then 83 million gnats on the way home. 😎

    Really chuffed with myself, not too stiff (but expect that to change in the morning) and am thinking of maybe doing it once a month.

    Happy days!


    that were a grand ride today TM… I’m glad I didn’t have quite as far to go as you..!

    sorry I sped off so quick but I was worried about getting an earbashing.. 😳


    Sundays nine hour shift was made that little bit more bearable ’cause the bike was in the boot. Headed up the hill and made another bloody vid.


Viewing 11 posts - 81 through 91 (of 91 total)

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