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  • Who else had a good ride today?
  • anto164

    Good road ride today, 50mi and a trip to the hospital for one of the guys we were riding with.

    Got epic cyclists tan too. BTW, when i say tan, i mean sunburn! Talk about crisp lines!

    Premier Icon portlyone

    Yep, explored around Ladybower (blue heckler). Done the classic loop a few times, but wanted to check out a few of the lesser known (to me) trails. Great fun.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Yep, really good, and better than I was expecting too… 2 laps of Comrie croft doubling back to do the optional descent on the red. Bloomin lovely- short but sweet and a lot going on in the descents.

    No idea why we don’t hear more about this place, it’s short but it’s an absolute gem. Nettles notwithstanding!

    Premier Icon stuartlangwilson

    Ace today. Dry(ish) trails, took a beginner round some fairly hard stuff and they loved it, helped a random guy find his lost glasses.

    Yup, tried track riding for the first time today. Awesome! So want a track bike and a fixie now. Scorching day here so glad edinburgh has an outdoor track πŸ™‚


    Yup, was out on the road with the North Road Club. A very satisfying 50 miler – and quite by chance I met Plumber off of here!


    Of course, 22 miles in the Surrey Hills πŸ™‚


    Rode from Ladybower Inn to Hayfield today, 22 miles and 3,700ft of climb. Really dry and fast, super dusty too. Anyone else have a good ride?


    Yep good ride lap of Ae red not everyone’s favourite but hammer the right places lots of fun, loved it.


    40 miles road bike, back by 10am off to Birmingham Jazz festival on train, sat by the bandstand on the canal, 4 jugs of Pimms and several shorts later i’m home.

    Fish finger sandwiches all round, Gypsy Jazz rocks!

    Did a good 38 miler over Harting down and Cocking on the new bike brambles in full effect but trails nice and dry

    Yep another perfect saturday, 75 miles club road ride at an average of 17.2 mph.
    At the moment the Magners is going down without touching the sides.


    Had most of the day up Cannock chase. Had to be one of the best days we’ve had in yolks.
    Covered the off piste stuff we hadnt done for ages plus newly found stuff.

    Cannock has so much extra to offer if you explore :-))

    Premier Icon alexpalacefan

    Had my first off-road ride after surgery today, just a short blast round local trails, with a pint in the middle (Queens Head in Watnall, great boozer).

    Hand stood up fine, so off to do some more tomorrow πŸ™‚



    been riding ergo good ride

    Premier Icon D0NK

    not today had a pretty awesome ride yesterday tho, toughest one of the year too.
    Kentmere, up dubbs/garburn road, high street, the ullswater classic loop, back upto high street, garburn pass into kentmere. Cracker.

    Doesn’t matter how good the previous days ride was when I wake up on a day like today with absolutley toasted legs I always think “damn I’m not going to be able to ride today” πŸ™


    Had a quality ride round Ladybower this morning. Conditions were perfect.

    Premier Icon Bregante

    Blummin fooked knee…. grumble grumble 😈


    Road century in the Southern uplands for me, superb roads and weather today πŸ˜€


    Took my new 29er out round the local twisty trails for its second outing – the first being a southdowns xc bimble last Sunday – it is proving to be a really nice ride and, when I get used to it more, I’m going to be faster than before.

    So yes, I had a good ride.


    Had a truly cracking ride on the Isle of Arran in blazing sunshine. Did a route the Arran Bike Club website listed as severe. It wasn’t severe but it was 25 miles of really lovely riding and not so many midges, even under the pines!


    35 mile-ish loop round sunny Herts, English countryside looking lovely. High point was the landlord at the pub stop telling me how he told a bunch from Camra who started getting pretentious to f*** off and not come back. Apparently there’s a regular posse of elderly roadies who roll up in the evening, get very well lathered and wobble off back home in the early hours.

    Started badly with a blowout from a lump of glass embedded in the tyre, outer hung together for the rest of the ride, but think I need a new one. Pucking fikey bastards dumping old mirrors in bridleways, didn’t see what it was till too late.

    Premier Icon grtdkad

    Just got in from a Malverns ride – new SID fork on the bike and two prototype lights off of Troutie being tested for the first time. Niiiice!

    mr plow

    Did the Inners uplift on my wee enduro today. Got 9 runs in and all were ace fun.

    Speaking in Inners – I got 3 1/2 rounds of the xc in after work. Dont ask about the half – bloody glasses!

    Anyways – everything was dusty as Planet Mars. What a great evening out!

    Perfect ride today, from Thoralby in Wensleydale, West Burton, over to Coverdale & Starbotton then BW from Buckden & over Hell Gap (aptly named but cleaned it) back to Thoralby. 3 of us, never saw another mtb’er in the 25 mile ride.


    Had a great ride cheers! 52miles of downland, woodland and singletrack, dusty, smile inducing bliss πŸ™‚

    Read All About It On My Blog HERE!

    First proper ride after a long lay off with an injury (separated shoulder – very painful!)



    no, sorry. I dont really get to ride my bike – especially at weekends. *sigh*

    Premier Icon seosamh77

    went round mabie yesterday, plus 8 miles there and back and a wee bit of cycling when i got back to glasgow, glorious day for it, 25 miles all in, which was enough considering the heat. πŸ™‚

    Premier Icon oldagedpredator

    Yes, probably the best of the year.

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    Just a nice jaunt around Rivington on the “new” Enduro. It was its first ride with me and I needed to set thing up how I like them so lots of stop start stuff, playing with shock pressures, seat position as well as bedding in new pads.

    A huge success and just in time too as its coming to the Alps with me this Friday!


    Had a great ride Saturday, Started at Rushup Edge and went ovet to Ladybower via Greenlands, Jaggers Clough, Roman Road and Hagg Farm. Had a chill and came back over WLT, up the Beast and back into Hope, then Broken Road and Rushup Edge back to the car.

    Decided I’d chance Parkin Clough, started at the point where it crosses the track which leads from the Dam at Ladybower, πŸ˜† Does it start higher up as it seemed shorter than on a couple of the vids I’ve seem??


    Good to see you’re riding again OAP. Doesn’t seem like anyone had a bad ride yesterday, that’s a first. Rain forecast on tuesday evening people, make the most of this weather!


    quick 35 mile road ride for me today, short but fast.

    Rob, how do you get your data into the getmapping thingy?

    Premier Icon transporter13

    Did my first bit of mincing of the year this morning 😯

    only did 12 miles on a mix of singletrack/quarry/road as my fitness doesnt allow for much more just yet

    Usually do freeridey/Dh/Jumpy stuff so felt all the more strange….whats the deal with pedalling????

    Strangely addictive πŸ˜€

    Had a nice surf this morning. Going riding after the TdF.


    84 miles from home to Winchester on the SDW on Saturday, 40 miles more than I’ve done in a day before.
    9 hours 59 minutes. No punctures, no mechanicals one very slight navigational hiccup when I found myself about 100 meters too far north at the top of Buster Hill and only about 400m of pushing which pleased me as I only had a 32×32 lowest gear.
    The weather was perfect with cloud cover most of the time keeping the temperature down and a gentle breeze and very little standing water left.
    I did have a bit of a stiff neck nodding to all the other riders coming the other way, there was obviously some event going on as they all seemed to have numbers but everything else held up well and the caffeine nuun drink at 70 miles really sorted me out for the last stretch.
    I have to say if your not going into a headwind then it seems the better direction to ride the SDW in. I kept riding down really steep bits thinking thank god I’m not riding up them while most of what I was going up may have been longer but seemed less steep. Also after Buster Hill the worst of the climbing is done. I know the climbs out of Alfriston and Jevington well at wouldn’t really want to face them at the end of a very long ride. Also it seem a lot better to finish at the statue of Alfred The Great than a wooden board.


    Dalby yesterday and a couple of hours off road locally first thing this morning. Great start to the day!

    Premier Icon Lifer

    Distinct lack of arsed for the MTB recently but taking the BMX out for a spin later, hop up manuals WILL be sorted tonight.

    Premier Icon mboy

    Any ride on a bike is a good ride these days… Just so happens this morning’s ride was even better as it was offroad not on. πŸ˜€

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