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  • Who does more commuting than MTB riding?
  • the hustler

    Me…….but want to re address the balance tbh

    Premier Icon ton

    i do…..about 60 miles a week commuting. back to 1 mtb ride a week.

    If you commute to work by bike every day it’s hard not to spend both more time and more km unless you’re a guide.

    Depends on the weather, if it’s sunny I’ll commute and ride MTB, but a single days commute is a s many miles as a middling day out on the MTB. So commuting always accounts for more miles.

    When it’s wet and miserable I barely do either!


    If you commute to work by bike every day it’s hard not to spend both more time and more km unless you’re a guide.

    This, I do 60 miles commuting a week, maybe a bit more depending on route/if I’m in town in the evenings etc. And in general if I “ride” twice a week it’ll be 60 miles total MTB tops. Sometimes more of course, sometimes less.


    yup i do but thanks to the cross bike i can do a little off road jaunt on the way home if feeling up to it.


    90-100 miles a week commuting (fixed wheel – 29,000 pedal strokes/week). Less road riding (average of about 40-50 per week). Much less MTB’ing (10 per week in Swinley, normally with the kids, plus some racing and a rare trip to Wales).

    My commute is my cardio training. My MTB’ing is my hill training.


    I do, and it’s definitely reduced my mountain biking. This time of year I would be out at least 3 or 4 evenings a week on the MTB, this year and last (when I started commuting), not so much – this year I’ve been out once on a midweek evening so far…

    Hob Nob

    Me, by a huge amount 🙁

    Average 200km a week commuting, i’m lucky if I do 200km a month on the MTB.

    Doesn’t affect the MTB amount though – that’s mostly affected due to everything being wrecked by the weather.

    Premier Icon GrahamS


    In fact I can’t remember the last time I actually “mountain biked”.
    I’m here for legacy reasons 😀


    60 miles per week commuting or about 4 hours. I ride road and off road but I’ll probably do more than 4 hours of fun riding per week.

    Commuting is a really good way to get fit so that the fun bits are more fun.


    looking at the topics on here every day i reckon most of us do more commuting than mountain biking, shall we set up commutingTrackWorld dot com?

    Its all about bikes versus cars versus red lights, roadies, bikes versus humans versus the world. and on and on… tme we maybe had a seperate section in the tabs at the top of the page for commute rants!

    i recommend it to the house.

    Premier Icon binners

    I combine the two. Tarmac in the morning to get in quick. Then I’ve the choice of a number of fantastic off road routes home. All 15-20 miles. My favourite involves about 1500ft of climbing, takes in the moors, a quick lap of Cragg Quarry, followed by a 4 mile off road descent to the house, with some lovely singletrack.

    Sit back and bask in the glow of my smugness 😀


    I currently commute 75 miles a week minimum.
    I haven’t ridden my mountain bike properly since January BUT I’m off to Wales on Friday for some trail centre goodness.
    In any case, on a good week I’d do 25 miles of MTB so will always do more commuting.

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    Did about 4000 miles last year – 2500 commuting, 500 mtb, 1000 on the road bike.

    Just the way life has to be at the moment 🙁


    That sounds ace binners.

    I get around 90 miles commuting in a week. Plenty of Singletrack options on the way but I’m usually time constrained which is an arse.

    Might get 20 or 30 in at the weekend proper offroad.


    Do anything up to 90-150 miles through grimey sarf london, and maybe 30-50 on the south or north downs at the weekend if I’m lucky.

    Premier Icon SaxonRider

    Commuting wins with me, hands down. I hardly get on the trails at all to be honest.

    But when I do, I still love it, so I keep my mtb on stand-by at all times.

    Premier Icon njee20

    If you commute to work by bike every day it’s hard not to spend both more time and more km unless you’re a guide.

    +1 here.

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