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  • Who do you use for classic vehicle insurance these days? And breakdown cover…
  • redstripe

    We are hoping to get a 1960’s pick up (been restored) for our business next week. Who’s the go to people now for limited mileage classic vehicle insurance? Well there’s probably loads by googling but asking for any good experience / reasonable quote company recommendations first. And despite the fact it’s been well restored be good to have some kind of breakdown cover included, so again, any experience/leads appreciated. Cheers


    Sadly I had to sell my TR6 last year to fund my kids lavish lifestyle, (food)! Before that I used Footman James for many years and they were competitively priced with a good breakdown scheme, used it once and all ok). Other people I know rate Peter James or Adrian Flux. Worth getting a quote from a few anyway.


    I use heritage for both.

    Premier Icon timbog160

    Carole Nash, cherished, footman james – generally all will include breakdown cover up to a certain weight limit – worth shopping around, although should still be far cheaper than normal motor insurance!

    Premier Icon fadda

    Good thread, but if ever pics were needed…!


    Will do fadda when it materialises..

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    I currently use Footman James for my Chimaera and covered with our other cars with GEM for breakdown.

    I use Lancaster insurance which comes with breakdown cover.

    *if it’s for business use that may be a whole other ballgame

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    I use adrian flux, but for the past njmber of years its been on zero milage cover.

    Premier Icon dovebiker

    Adrian Flux for my camper but will be looking to change at least breakdown cover as they took 7 hours to respond to a call and then refused to carry our dogs when we needed recovery. Many recovery companies refuse to take dogs on their trucks, even if it’s not suitable for them to be left in the vehicle

    I use

    for my Alfa Junior, and my more modern cars too. They were the only specialist insurer I found who would offer unlimited mileage cover.
    I pay £160 pa for comp cover withh £100 excess inc breakdown recovery and legal expenses with up to 3 months international travel included.
    I drained my (Japanese) battery in Italy earlier this year due to leaving the lights on while taking pics.Half an hour after calling them I was on the road again!

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