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  • Who carries a knife in their back pack ?
  • TandemJeremy

    So – how many of you wannabes have done time for your knives

    Or are you just wannabes

    I’m more likely to do time for what my knife cuts than for the knife to be honest.

    In all seriousness, the biggest blade I’ve ever carried was a bone handled sheath knife when I was 13/14 and used to go bivvying with my mates in the countryside.

    We’d find a decent rock outcrop and build out from it with branches and thatch with bracken, make a fire and cook veg scrumped from the village gardens.

    If challenged whilst scrumping we didn’t draw our ‘blades’, we just legged it.


    If I got caught carrying one of these I’m pretty damn sure I would do time, little justification for carrying one, other than to spoil someone’s day:

    A mate has one, just because he could afford it and wanted one. Never carried it, for obvious reasons.


    People carry knives whilst riding, to cut cake and apples? 😆

    Premier Icon kimbers

    whilst on a scout night hike many years back we heard a car skidding and crashing

    off to investigate we emerged from some bushes onto a road to find 2 coppers

    assuming we had run from the car they searched us
    we all had knives on us of some form once they had seen our scarves and scout warrant books they just took our names and let us on our way they never even mentioned the knives it wasnt till we told our group leader later that he pointed out we could have got into trouble for the knives

    (wasnt the dumbest thing we did that night -dared each other to walk accross a frozen canal, fortunately the ice was even thicker than us)


    I’m pretty sure there is a knife on my Topeak AlienII, I know it locks closed, it might even lock open too.


    Small locking blade on my top peak tool. Used it to cut some repair patches into
    halves when I shredded a tube – I’d given my tube away earlier to someone in a
    similar predicament.

    Went tubeless from then on!


    Did get some strange looks from the police once when crossing the road with on of these.


    I think I was drunk when I contributed to this thread last night


    TandemJeremy – Member
    I think I was drunk when I contributed to this thread last night

    Hardly shows at all 😉

    Premier Icon nedrapier

    I’ve got an 11″ kukri that my girlfriend brought back for me from Nepal.

    It’s a beautiful thing, very nice to handle, sharp enough to carve meat and heavy enough to chop wood.

    I probably wouldn’t stand a chance of arguing in court that I had a legitimate use for it, despite it being a useful hybrid of a hand axe, a machete and a carving knife.

    Granted, they’re very deadly in the hands of someone who wants them to be, but they’re also used as household tools all over nepal. You could say the same about a 4lb lump hammer.

    Shame. It’s come in handy lots of times, I’d take it with me much more often if I wasn’t so likely to get banged up for it.


    this is mine, never leave home without it


    Chriiist, Count Zero, that is a really nasty looking piece of kit.
    make a real mess of anywhere you happened to put it!

    I used to have a CRKT M16, which i found to be a great knife, but i rarely carried it, and then lost it. (it may well be in the house somewhere)

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