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  • Premier Icon Tracey

    Travelled 200 miles down to the Forest of Dean for an afternoons down hill training with Scott Beaumont in preparation for the 661 Mini DH on the 6th of Dec. It banged it down for the full session but every minute was worth it. All three of us learned loads of little tips on berms, drops, wet roots and jumps which made it all worthwhile. I think we all got faster and faster throughought the afternoon. Still grinning from what was a first class experience.
    The 200 miles drive back were horrendous
    No pics taken but wished we had taken a waterproof camera



    against the odds, the rain held off in Dalby yesterday, trails were mud free too 😀


    Lucked out with the rain, miised it Saturday and again today (just)

    Premier Icon Tracey

    Loads of mud at the Forest of Dean


    sorry i'm affraid i bottled it this morning


    It was a little nasty at times up in the Pentlands this morning but I still enjoyed getting out.

    Premier Icon ampthill

    Missed the rain yesterday

    Hit it square on today

    As I slid round a corner I thought of people still on their racing ralphs

    but apparently they were already home


    Damp road ride for me yestrday

    Went out in the rain this morning. Got into the woods and didn't notice it, and the Sun came out after about 30mins 😀

    Premier Icon beej

    Run yesterday in the rain (earned myself tea and toasted malt loaf), two hours in the rain and mud of deepest darkest West Berkshire this morning (earned myself tea and home made muffin).


    me, tested out my cheap army goretex shorts/trouser things – seem to work ok

    Premier Icon crazy-legs

    Braved the rain and floods yesterday with a 50 mile ride on the CX in the Lake District! Day off today.


    Looking at all the pics down south I almost feel guilty saying that I have had a very nice weekend in the sun. Was out singlespeedng round the woods last night and will again later on this eve.


    I've not ridden this weekend had flu jab yesterday morning and feel rough from it!! The weather hasn't been great but this am would have been fine if I'd felt up to it.

    Plenty of other stuff to do so it's not wasted time.


    Second weekend off riding due to bad back 😥


    Sorting a night ride now over Cannock with the lads tonight, but I have just realised I have no clean waterproof shorts 🙄


    What is that stuff you call rain?


    I got out friday , rested yesterday and Qs today. Didnt notice if it rained but I was wet so I guess it did. Who cares anyway.

    Premier Icon MisterT

    lovely & wet in the peaks today…. thankful for waterproof shorts…. they make it all so easy.

    Premier Icon Capt. Kronos

    Been hibernating in Cumbria for the last few days, for obvious reasons.

    May get out during the week though, depending when the call outs start to build up as the flood waters go down. Thinking I may head out somewhere tomorrow, maybe just (very) local though (so cheeky trails then!)


    Out this morning but on a 60 mile road ride. Can't be arsed with all that bike cleaning business.

    40 mile round trip commute yesterday and today in the pi$$ing rain, mudguard split halfway in today so got a propper wet ass as well… 😥


    We had comedy high winds, hail and torrential showers on the south downs this morning. It was brilliant, brilliant fun. The bike is in slathered in mud 🙂

    Dodged the storms for a fun couple of hours sliding around on slippy rooty muddy stuff in Stockhill wood, and again today.
    A rear mudguard and sudocreme are saving my bum. 🙂

    Premier Icon darrell

    singlespeeding yesterday round the local trails and it was reet grim. road biking today and it **** lobbed it down. but whatever. 😛


    Braved the rain ?
    Only weather condition that ever stops me getting out is snow & then only when it's to deep to ride through……


    Fraid not its been tipping it down in D&G, spent most of yesterday rescuing the kids and other dinghies from the local club. The water was chest deep in the dinghy park, and waist deep inside the clubhouse. What a mess!!

    Still its a lot worse for the folks who have been flooded out of their houses. 😐


    Cyclocross race yesterday that only got wet after we started – great fun but HARD work. Today was a 45 mile road ride-started sunny-a bit wet-then dry by the time we were back


    Coed y Brenin again today – I love that place in the wet:) The water falls were amazing today.

    Bit miffed about the trail closures though


    Kind of did and didn't really. On Saturday went out on the mountain bike, spread mud around in the LBS then got a proper soaking.

    Today got up at 9 very hungover, considered the thunderstorm outside and phoned my mate to cut short our road ride 🙁 Still out for 3 hours though, and had lovely sunshine. Was bloody windy on the exposed bits of the New Forest.

    Premier Icon ddmonkey

    I had a good 2 hour local ride yesterday morning and had fun with all the slippy leaves covering the trails, managed to avoid the rain!

    Premier Icon lowey

    Lee quarry was a reservoir today 🙁

    2 frequently very wet rides:
    Saturday = Newby Bridge
    Sunday = Garburn & Longsleddale
    good fun too, and better to get out and be soaked than skulk pathetically at home :o)


    Went out yesterday, just wet enough to be fun. Then today I went out on the motorbike – thinking it would not rain too hard. However, it got biblical on me.

    Riding my motorbike in the wet is not much fun, but my mountain bike is perhaps more fun in the wet than the dry.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Whinlatter (perhaps a little off piste as the forest was all closed) Good fun in the rain, ticked all the boxes for riding round here today.

    Higher than the lakes

    No bridges to cross

    Out of the wind in places

    Premier Icon Alex

    Waterproof shorts? Awesome. My second set and worn every ride since I bought them a month ago. Malvern hills, wet, slippy, windy as owt. Mostly has them all to our selves.

    Really don't mind riding in the conditions. Feels like proper mountain biking 🙂

    Premier Icon stumpyjon

    Been out digging at Gisburn rather than riding, very damp with intermittent rain but could have been a lot worse.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Got caught in a bit of a deluge this morning. Good to get out though.

    Couldn't face it yesterday, but had a fantastic 'Cross race in Cheltenham today. Horrific conditions on the drive there, but miraculously it cleared up nicely. Just muddy and windy with a few light showers while the race was underway.


    Premier Icon Gravy

    Left home this morning when it was quite sunny with gusty winds against me in open area's, made it to Theives Wood through miles and miles of sloppy slippy trails (great fun). Saw some familiar faces coping with a puncture, one fixing other 2 giving all the recommended encouragement and instructions when it just started to tip it down. The queue for the cup of tea was so long I did'nt bother and headed for home with the wind behind me giving me a very welcome push.

    Nothing wrong with the rain. 🙄

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