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  • Whitechapel (spolier – if a couple of days late)
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    I always knew it was going to be a bit silly, but the last episode was just stolen wholesale from Se7en. Pah.

    Shitechapel more like.


    Was it? I thought it was pretty good for one of these ‘gritty’ detective dramas.

    Bring back Frost though I say…..

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    was good for ITV i thought though i only watched the 2nd half

    the ending was a bit silly but no where near as silly as spooks or something

    Not entirely sure in what way it was at all similar to Se7en though…

    I mean, he wasn’t recreating the seven deadly sins, he was copying the Ripper murders.

    The person in charge of the case wasn’t driven to revenge because his wife was murdered and therefore fall into the trap of commiting the final sin.

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    The scene on the stairs, the killer’s lair, the killer’s anonymity. They even said that he had the Jewish version of the same name John Doe / David Cohen.

    Nah, still not really seeing a similarity. Still thought it was a pants series mind you.


    it was far too close to se7en

    the “crazy room” discovery is such a cliche now – it would be better if the killer was so faceless that their entire home was too – why do they always have to have a hidden “batcave”?

    adam and joe did a great songwars song on 6 music about it – its probably on you tube if you care to look

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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