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  • White van man wanted near Ramsbottom?
  • bagpuss72

    Does anyone near Rammy have access to a van big enough to collect a futon from Haslingdon with Me ‘n’ Binners a ladies kindly donated one but I’ve got no way of collecting it – don’t mind paying just to hire one for an hour is stupid money!!!

    Cheers :mrgreen:


    What no-one? *sighs* I’m not expecting it for free or is everyone too posh to have white vans on here? 😀

    Premier Icon lowey

    I know just the man. I’ll email him for you.

    it would go in the back of my motor n I live in rammy , when were you thinking of


    Hold on…. Hold on.

    A futon.

    In Ramsbottom.

    A futon….in Ramsbottom….

    People say the Tories haven’t done us any good, but if futons have reached Rammy, things are obviously on the up.


    Hahahaha @ Crikey – yes dear but it is a free one off freecycle the woman lives in a big house somewhere else 😯

    All sorted anyway thanks guys not sure which one of you is ‘G’ but all getting sorted tomm

    Cheers dudes
    Debs xx

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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