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    Does anyone here get white finger? I’m 44, fit and healthy with normal blood pressure and I work in an office. I get white finger on any finger or thumb (and sometimes toes) simply from holding anything a bit cold – a bottle of milk, a tool that’s fresh from the shed or even a book that arrived in the post yesterday and had been outside the front door all day. It’s getting worse and the best my GP has advised is “wear gloves”.

    If you’ve got any advice, miracle cures or remedies, please let me know.




    Sounds like Raynaud’s – My girlfriend gets it quite badly and it looks really painful sometimes. It is sudden changes in temp causing contraction of the blood vessels, she has just been put on blood thinning tablets for it, does’t seem to be doing much though.


    an asprin a day?


    That sounds like Reynaud’s I can sympathise its not nice, I used to get it really badly when I used chainsaws full time. I had a load of tests, but apparently there isn’t a miracle cure, or wasn’t back then, the advice / treatment boiled down to keeping my hands warm, which helps a lot. The docs also told me that women often get it worse than men. Now I rarely use a saw I hardly get it at all, but still have to avoid getting cold.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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