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  • whinlatter / grizedale advice please!
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    So assuming it thaws out over the next couple of weeks, i’m going up to the lakes with my family for a holiday and i’m allowed to sneak my soul into the van. Thinking of sneaking off to whinlatter or grizedale for a couple of hours.

    I’m still a trail centre noobie and most of my local stuff is fairly XC style but i did manage whites level at afan the other day fairly happily. How does it compare?

    I did afan in flats which was fine except for the initial technical climb but lately i’ve been using spd’s at home cos there’s nothing that scary downhill. worth sticking the flats back on for dabbing confidence? Are the whinlatter climbs mostly fireroad style?

    Fundamentally……………… will i die?

    (Obviously unless it warms up i might be better off with a snowboard instead!!)


    No you won’t die. Whinlatter gives you a bit more of a “high mountain” feel (it’s quite exposed in places), whereas Grizedale is more low level. Both are fairly easy going but unless there’s a decent thaw I can imagine that Whinlatter would be, shall we say, “interesting”…!


    As above, you’ll be fine. If you’re going to be sticking to a waymarked route I think Whinlatter will be the best bet….it’s a lot more enjoyable than the North Face route IMHO.

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    We rode Whinlatter for the first time 2 weeks ago. You’ll be reet on Spuds. There’s nothing particularly technical. Its mainly singletrack through the woods, with the climbs mainly fire-road. There is one techy climb near the start, but I did it on Spuds without dabbing and I’m hopeless.

    Oh…. we all really enjoyed it. Its a right laugh! The last descent to the car park on the north loop was particularly good fun…


    I’d be hoping for no more snow though


    both dissapointing trail centres…
    but grizedale is stacked full of natural trails, loads of classic bridleways that are great…
    flow is very lacking at grizedale trail centre (north face??) dont bother do the natural stuff – world class..

    As above, the natural stuff around Grizedale is some of my favourite riding, especially when linked up with the good bits of the NFT.

    Apparently the riding on the NFT is ok at the moment. Bit of snow but rideable…

    If you’re relatively new to the game, I’d just stick to the NFT at Grizedale. Its not a bad ride – lots of fire-road and some nice views. Decent grub at the cafe when you get back too.

    Where are you staying?

    That descent at Whinlatter looks fun! Whats the rest of the ride like? I’m in the area next week but not sure what the conditions up there are like.

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    That descent does look fun!

    Staying just outside keswick towards whinlatter.

    Won’t be able to go for an all day epic more sneaking off for a two hour blast kinda deal

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    Two hour blast from Keswick, go to Whinlatter.

    You can add to the fun if you ride up the road through Braithwaite and pick up the trails at Masmill car park. Follow this round and do the South Loop back to the visitor centre then the North Loop. Back at the visitor centre pick up the bridleway down to Thornthwaite and then the road to Keswick.

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