Which XT hubs should I buy? M756 or M8000

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  • Which XT hubs should I buy? M756 or M8000
  • Hi all.

    Garrr.. i’m sitting on the fence about which XT hubs I should buy for my Vaya. I don’t need centrelock, i’m using a 6 bolt Avid BB7 road rotor, so if I went for the M8000 i’d be using an adapter.

    Are there any reliability issues with either, or are they much the same?

    My thoughts so far:

    M756 seems to have a sort of ‘old faithful’ rep, but it does look a bit.. well.. old. Those flanges.

    I think i’m right in saying the M756 has a steel axle, whereas the newer ones have a bigger alloy axle. There’s no obvious overall weight difference between the 2 hubs, so the steel axle has to be a bonus, right?

    M8000 I quite like the idea that I might be able to get the rotors off quicker for bearing maintenance with the centrelock aspect, but honestly, i’ll only be doing it once a year, and I have a torque wrench for doing up rotor bolts, so not sure how much of a plus this is.

    Anyway. Rose bikes is doing a DT X392 on XT 756 for £160 with Sapim PG spokes. The centrelock option would be a bit more money.

    All experience based comments truly welcome. I need to get off this fence.



    Whats spare part availability/price like for each.

    You would hope newer parts would be supported for longer, but sometimes newer higher end parts are dropped more quickly.


    I would have thought both will benefit from a good spares backup since they have been making the 756 for ages.


    Ive not looked but does the newer one have the improved come spanner free adjustment ?

    and only once a year may not be enough

    I like the Shimano stuff – but not their hubs…

    Changed to DT 370 (custom wheels from actionsports.de , complete front wheel in winter sale around 80 bucks, rear around 100 bucks)

    Had following issues with the Shimano hubs:

    -dirt creeping into the design

    -when jumping the bearing preload was gone (nuts loosened)

    -the bearing preload when doing normal riding was perfect only for a couple weeks after service

    -the free hubs failed on a fast rate

    All other Shimano stuff I like. Bang for the buck is great. But got sick of their hubs.

    Premier Icon lawman91

    I avoid Shimano hubs like the plague. Why in this day and age they STILL insist on using cup and cone bearings is beyond me. Go for Hope or DT Swiss, much more reliable, don’t need the cones tightening every 5 minutes in order to be “maintenance free” and are just plain better. Honestly if they’re going to continue with cup and cone hubs they might as well bring back Dual Controls and Biopace, that’s how much I think of them!

    Premier Icon nedrapier

    Not much to add, god points on all sides above.  Just been for a look at your history to see if there was a picture of your dekerf.  Very nice!  Did you sell the frame in the end?  I bought a ’99 Generation in blue, same size, same shop.

    Now rigid and single speed, with a 3″ knard on the front.  Rode it last night.  Still magic!  🙂

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    I’d go M756 despite preferring CL. Pretty sure M756 were the last to be Japanese made. Later hubs have been made in their 2nd tier factories.

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