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  • Which workshop tool kit please.
  • Premier Icon Northwind

    It’s a really good kit that. Superstar have good ones too, though at a bit of a higher price. CRC’s X-tools ones are worth a look as well.

    Though, ironically, if he’s into old bikes, some of the kits that are usually a bad option for modern bikes might make sense, cheaper kits tend to have lots of redundant old-school tools.

    Thinking of buying a boxed tool kit for someone which wont break the bank.
    He’s into all kinds of cycle stuff especially vintage bikes.Any of you guys out there know of anything reasonably priced but not total crap.

    Not getting anywhere with this tonight as I don’t think he’ll need half the tools in the kits.
    What do you think If I bought some obvious ones as a starter with a nice toolbox so he add tools as and when he needs?
    I see Evans are offering tools 3 for 2. Which ones should I get and where can I buy a nice toolbox please?

    Premier Icon righog

    Buy the Planet X one it’s a great start, he can build on that. it’s as cheap as buying just a couple of tools in the box.

    Premier Icon JoeG

    If he’s into the retro bikes, a lot of the modern tools will be of little use to him. Modern headset, BB, hub, crank, and freewheels/hubs all use different tools than were traditionally used. But getting him one of the sets mentioned above will be a good start that he can add to.

    Or, maybe just buy him a nice set (or two!) of cone wrenches?

    Thanks guys. Have ordered the X Tools one from CRC. It looks the same as the Planet X one but I realised I had some money in my Paypal account (random bike fund). If they are no use for his vintage bikes I will sign him up as a mechanic for my bikes!

    Edric 64

    Headset and bottom bracket spanners will be the old tools he need for vintage bikes,and the cone spanners

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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