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  • Which wheels for tubeless?
  • stayhigh

    I have a pair of XT/719 wheels and a set of Crossride's, which are currently on my Heckler.

    The XT/719's have been used as tubeless before the Crossrides have not.

    Which would be the better wheel to go tubeless with using a Joe's kit?

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    Dont. Get a tubeless ready wheel like XT and save yourself a lot of faff and disappointment. You wont regret it. Tubeless is great.

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    Hope hoops with stand rims!


    My Crossrides haven't been to bad with tubeless to be honest, both ghetto and using a stans kit. Just find the right tyre.


    the 719s will work ok with any of the tubeless kits or ghetto
    I suspect the Crossrides will too though


    I used crosstrails andn they were ust so no need for tape etc, just some gunge inside and some around the beading and they were fine. I back with tubes again now though since I changed wheels


    I'd love to have the money to get a pair of UST wheels but sadly for me I don't.

    The XT/719's were used with Joe's kit for a couple of years untill they needed some spokes replacing. While they were off the bike I started using a pair of tubed Crossrides which have been on for the last couple of months with no complaints or punctures for that matter.

    Now I'm fianlly getting my finger out to redo tubeless I just wondered which one would be the better set of wheels for the job.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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