which tyres for autumn and winter ust?

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  • which tyres for autumn and winter ust?
  • Premier Icon dti

    about to go tubeless – I have ust rims – do I need ust tyres?
    which are best for the coming seasons?

    Premier Icon deadkenny

    Same ones as summer.

    I ride Minions and HR 2. Work in dry, wet and mud. I don’t do “winter” stuff like winter tyres, winter bikes. I just have a bike with tyres that run all year round.

    As for tubeless, you don’t need UST tyres for UST rims. In fact I’d advise against UST tyres. They are heavy and generally pointless these days so long as you use sealant. On a Maxxis tyre you can generally get a non tubeless tyre to work, but if you like get a tubeless ready one. Similar with other brands but results do vary. UST is more of a guarantee they’ll seat perfectly but as I say they’re heavy. Yes they may not need sealant, but get a small puncture and you’re screwed without sealant.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Depends where you are, what your doing and what you like?

    Bit more info like what you currently have.

    For me in the UK the Minion was the best all rounder for mountains.
    Now I’m in Oz I’m using the Ardents and sticking a HRII (but might try Minion II) up front for winter. Both in EXO, Maxxis now do TR (Tubeless Ready) which is good but not the bulk of UST.


    I’ve just put Rocket Rons on as they’re way more treaded than the tyres I’ve been running. If it gets proper gloppy it’ll be Mud-X’s all round

    Premier Icon muggomagic

    I’m going to take a punt on a on-one chunky monkey on the front with a maxxis beaver for the rear for this winter.
    The CM comes highly recommended, and at only £20 it’s worth a go.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Maxxis Exo sidewall tyres and the On One tyres both work well on UST rims.

    Tread pattern depends where you ride and how you prioritise up vs down,.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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