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  • We’re looking for a new TV and are getting lost in all the reviews and stuff.

    We’d like high definition, LCD. We want minimal ghosting of moving things, which I think means we want 100Hz and some sort of motion blur control.

    We don’t want anything bigger than 32″, so does that mean full HD isn’t that important?

    We’d like to spend no more than £700.

    The Sony 32D3000 seemed ideal but seems to be discontinued!

    Could anyone point us to something suitable please?



    Premier Icon mboy

    You can get proper full HD 32″ TV’s for less than 700 quid, so yes, it is important!

    Richer Sounds do 2 or 3 32″ TV’s with full 1080 for within your price riange, so probably worth checking them out. Think they were a Sharp, a Sony and a Panasonic (though no chance of remembering model numbers sorry!)

    what i’ve read so far is that, on a 32 inch, the difference between 768 and 1080 isn’t really noticeable, but that 1080 tellys are often not as good with standard def broadcasts as 768s are. That’s why I said I wasn’t too bothered about 1080, as a lot of what we watch is standard definition. No good having perfect HD pictures if the SD pictures are rubbish.

    I’m prepared to accept that what i’ve been reading is cobblers though!


    Check out AVForums for lots of good info.

    Id personally get a Panasonic for that price.

    The forums often get too technical for my modest brain power.

    I’ve seen this Panasonic, which seems to offer the things I think we want.


    When I was looking last year I found this site to be the most informative, they seem to know what they are talking about:



    This report is a year old so there might be better TVs on the market now, but its worth reading.

    LCD TV Reviews


    From what I have seem full HD is only worth looking at 40″ or over.

    I think Sony full HD with 100htz starts at a 40″ (40w4500), I don’t think they do a smaller set with those features yet.

    Thanks. all useful so far. As I say, I think 100hz and good motion control is more important to us than full HD.


    My parents have this one


    Built in Freesat and Freeview receivers, it’s very good 🙂

    No 100Hz though but the picture looked pretty good to me!

    Andy – I had a look at that, thanks. We don’t need the built-in receivers as we have sky, and, as you say, it doesn’t have 100Hz.

    My Mum has a small Panasonic which has awful blurring on moving stuff so I’m really wary of ending up with something like that.


    We got a Sony Bravia 32 inch a few weeks ago and love it.
    Don’t ask me anything technical though.
    It’s big and black and works!! 😉

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