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  • Which TV to perfectly partner PS3?
  • MikeT-23

    Thinking of getting a PS3 and, as I'll be doing some home improvements, I have convinced myself that I would like a 'space-saving' flat-screen TV to marry it to.

    What suggestions might the good viewers and gamers of STW suggest as a useful resource for learning of such things, or even put forth themselves based on experience?
    [FYI – I can't get cable here (yet), and I don't wish to get a satellite set-up. That may make a difference. Home cinema package? Well, maybe, but in no way a necessity]
    Oh, I might add that budget is restricted, so we're thinking TV for no more that £400.

    Much obliged


    £400? if you double that and get a nice 50" plasma.



    I think for gaming you want something with a fast response time.

    Unless you are getting a really massive one don't worry about whether it's HD Ready or HD Ready 1080p


    Take a look at Richer Sounds.
    I bought the LG 42LH3000 for £ 509 else where is £ 599.00p
    And I bought the wall bracket from Screw fix £ 40.00p for a tilting one.
    Ok a little bit more off the wall but I can plug in the back
    without taking the TV off the wall if I need to put more connections
    in the back of the TV.


    I've always wondered if a PS3 would benefit from one of these 'colour' tellies (though I understand funds are limited).


    Psssh, just play it on a 14" crt like I do. Just sit really close.


    the series 5 samsung is a good budget tv 32 inch for less that £400 got one for the mrs. she loves it ps3 is good on it too!


    Psssh, just play it on a 14" crt like I do. Just sit really close.

    Is it even possible to buy a 14" TV anymore? 😆


    Panny tx42x10 – £499 from John Lewis price matched to Richer sounds. free delivery and 5 yr wrranty from the best large tv retailer there is. Total bargain!

    Premier Icon simon_g

    Could you find another £100?


    It's Sony's top-end 32" TV and perfect to get the most out of the PS3. You can justify it as you won't be paying for an extended warranty (M&S 5 year as standard).

    They have a Sony 37" 1080p set for the same price but not such a high-end panel.

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