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  • Which tubeless kit get your vote?
  • JB

    Ok I’ve resisted well and long enough, but I guess I must at least try it!!
    So which tubeless kit gets your vote?


    Mavic 819’s on Chris King 😉


    What rims you got?


    DT Swiss 4.2D (mainly)


    I’m just going through the same thinking… I’ve decided to try everything I can to see what works and what doesn’t. Here’s the list:

    On my 29er …
    Stans flow on back with stans yellow tape and Bonty mustang on the front with ghetto rim strip made from a spare 26″ inner tube. Bonty TLR tyres and stans goo.
    This went pretty well. Rear went up really easy with track pump. Front needed co2 cartridge to seat the tyre. Held air fine after that. First test ride wit 30psi in the tyres went great. Very impressed with how easy the rear stans set up was.

    I’m having a set of 819s built up for my light xc bike as I want simplicity and strength. Bonty TLR tyres on there too.

    Have a set of 521 rims on my bullit and gonna try them with stans rim strip kit… Be interesting to compare that to the home made strip on my 29er front wheel.

    Also have a spare set of Bonty Rhythm wheels that I use for uplift days. They’re supposed to be tubeless ready so gonna try them with yellow tape and run my wire bead maxxis DH tyre with goo on there.

    Will report in a couple of weeks when everything is setup and running.

    Thus far though, Bonty TLR tyres and Stans notubes goo and rims get a big thumbs up from me.


    i use joe’s on the 4.2 and the strip and the tyre become ‘one’ after a few months (stuck together and pain to separate). Evaluating other options so keen to hear peoples views.

    Premier Icon Seamus

    Stans has worked well with DT4.2ds for me, been using for about 2 years. Was originally going to use the DT kit but when I rang Just Riding Along they advised me to use Stans and which was the correct size.

    Edit: Stans rim strips, not the yellow tape

    Only been tubeless a few months but working v well. Caffelatex sealant, Schwalbe 20″ tubes with removable core Presta valves for ghetto strips, free syringe from local chemist, and some foam draught tape to pack rim well and improve seal, went up with a track pump and only needs pumping up a bit every month or so.


    Joes no flats on 4.2d for me, works a treat.

    Premier Icon Sandwich

    Using DT’s own kit on 4.2D rims. The milk seems to last ages, probably due some new tyres so I’ll be finding out how easy they are to separate soon.

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    Joe’s – seems as good as the others and a lot cheaper.

    Premier Icon clubby

    I’ve found stans strips work best. Yes they’re expensive for what they are but at least they work well and reduce need for faffing.
    Have bonty rhythm rims and tried using their own tubeless strips but they are so tight, the tyres were a nightmare to fit and once on I couldn’t get the valve area to seal properly. Next I tried some stans yellow tape on its own with they bonty valve. This was too loose and I couldn’t get the tyre to seat and it wouldn’t inflate even with a co2 cartridge. I had a stans flow strip I didn’t use from another bike so as a last resort I stuck that in and the tyre blew up straight away. However I only had one so I thought I’d try the old inner tube trick for the other wheel, but after 2 hours and a lot of swearing I was on crc ordering another flow strip.
    As for sealant, I use bonty tlr tyres so I’ve stuck with their own superjuice sealant. You don’t get as much for your money as other brands, but I’ve removed a tyre after nearly a year and there was was still plenty of liquid sealant left sloshing about. Never had a flat or had to pump tyres up much.

    Premier Icon brassneck

    Joe’s No Flats have been best for me (also used Stans, ghetto, UST rims)
    though I’ve broken a couple on the winter/summer tyre swap out by tearing the valve.

    Hint – if you use CO2 to inflate initially DO NOT fill with sealant – use the CO2 to inflate and seat the tyre – leave it a while to settle, then release the gas, and fill with sealant through the valve stem. Should go up with a track pump no bother then. If you CO2 the sealant you’ll likely ruin it and freeze a few quids worth.

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