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  • keppoch

    I’ve built a wheel for my mothers ‘road’ bike. I say road bike as it was purchased in about 1960 and has little in relation to what would be called a road bike today. It’s probably more similar in shape to a touring bike of today. It is a wrecker of a bike used for going to the shops but she loves it all the same (as do I).

    It originally had 27″ wheels but the back has already been replaced with a 700c so the wheel I have built is a 700c Mavic A119 on a Alfine dynamo hub. My questions is what sort of tyre would be appropriate to put on that wheel but not be so narrow as to be uncomfortable or so wide as to cause clearance issues. I can’t measure the existing tyre section as I live miles away and it is a present.

    Wired bead and cheap (<£25) options please.


    Marathon 368’s from Spa £16. 32 wide for a bit of comfort. They are a bit heavy and a bit dead feeling but you won’t be fixing many punctures for her. 🙂


    Something like this?


    Conti Sport Contacts, fast on road and available in bigger sizes plus they have puncture protection. About £15 each in shops so can probably be got cheaper.


    Given I am none too sure on sizes the £7.99 option Bazz suggests looks ideal. Thanks all 😀

    Premier Icon irc

    Marathon Duremes 700x35s. 550g each. Well rated touring tyre. £14 at Spa.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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