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  • Which sub 1000.00 hardtail?
  • rudd
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    Ok – new to this site – hello to all and a serious first question:

    Been riding a 2000 Scott Purgatory since strangly enough – 2000

    Its done well and I have no complaints but now have started hitting more technical trails and realised its not up to the job.

    Its time for a new ride but I only have a budget upto 1000.00 through bike to work scheme – no point in looking at anything over 1k as will not happen.

    I have trawled the net reading what reviews I can find – phoned a few shops, trawled through a mates bike mags and a good few catalogues.

    Suprisingly there is very little info on sub 1k hardtails to help me out.
    I do understand I will need to give my below selected models a test to see how they ride and if they suit my rifing style but could do with some of your thoughts on the following models available at stated price in a local shop:

    2011 Whyte 901 – 950
    2011 giant Talon 0 – £950
    2012 Trek 6500disc – £999
    2011 specialised rock hopper pro – £950
    2011 trek 6300 disc – £845
    2012 trek 6300 disc – £900
    2011 or 2012 Whyte 805 – £899

    Not bothered if its last years model as there seems to be very little difference spec wise (most of the same 2012 models are 100-200 more expensive and over my budget)
    Did have my mind set on the 2012 Trek 6500 but now not so sure – out of them all the 2011 whyte 901 looks like what I may be looking for.

    All thoughts / advise / reviews etc will be a great help as this bike will have to last me at least six or seven years and I need to make the right choice for my limited budget and to get the most out of the bike.

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    Can your bike-to-work be used at Halfords? Brand snobs will gnash their teeth but they have fantastic bikes in this price range.

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    Yes – can use at Halfords – not had a look at their range, any recomendations?

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    Love my 2012 6500

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    Look at Boardman at Halfords.

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    How about a Genesis Latitude for a nice bit of Reynolds steel? Frame will last a while then – upgrade your components around it.

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    I reckon all those mentioned above would be good bikes.

    Have a look at the Rock Lobster/Merlin bikes from Merlin Cycles as well, very nice bikes at good prices.

    The advantage you get from buying from a good local shop is that you get the after sales service and often a nice discount on future purchases and servicing costs – you’ll need to weigh up how important this is to you.

    Welcome to the forum btw 😀

    Some people can be a bit snobby on here about excellent mainstream brands like Trek, Giant, Boardman and Specialized – gives you a good idea of who to ignore 🙂

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    Ive just ordered a spesh rockhopper expert 2012 at 800 …

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    2nd what Rusty Spanner said – I have got a Decathlon Rockrider 8.2, superb value but definitely looked down upon by some. I don’t care, plenty good enough for me.

    There are plenty of brands offering good value, but I would personally try and get something from the local bike shop now, rather than going online/larger retailer. I didn’t do this 5 years ago when I got my first bike, partly as money was tight, but now I would definitely try and get something that you can get from your local shop (assuming there is a good one near you).

    £1,000 will buy something pretty decent.

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    Normally £1200.00, the Genesis Core 50 would be a great bike if you could pick up last years model or get it secondhand. Here’s one £600!

    Mr Link

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    I had the same decision to make just over a year ago.
    I like SRAM gearing, so that narrowed my choice down a bit.
    Eventually, it was down to a Whyte 809 at £1200, or a Boardman HT pro at £1000 iirc.
    After much debate,the Boardman was the best,so I went to buy it, but on arrival, there was a carbon Carrera reduced to £900, and I bought that instead.
    I’m not at all bothered about the name on the frame, it has been an excellent bike, as I’m sure the Boardman would have been too.

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    Have you looked on the Paul’s Cycles website, as they offer older models at huge discounts and they do the Cycle to work scheme. As an example, this 2010 giant XTC 1 is down from £1200 to £879.99. Not sure how the spec matches to the current Boardman models, though.

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    Have a look at boardmans in halfords higher spec than most treks etc ok may be a snob thing but I’ve looked at other bikes and boardmans are far and away higher spec and yes I know of horror story’s surrounding halfords but it’s to hard to ignore

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    I’d be inclinded towards a more UK-aimed bike; Whyte/Genesis etc as they are more likely to run a slacker head angle and have a bit more mud-room.

    But the key is to ensure that the frame/fork combo is the best you can afford – componants wear out and break.

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