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  • Which SS sprocket brand …?
  • jeb


    is there any difference in the quality of those sprockets?

    i will use it on a roadbike freehub whee, that i have a single speed kit for

    i will probably order from bike24, they stock some micha track sprockets, that don’t even know if fits a normal free hub.

    they stock also shimano dx sprockets


    Also if your could recommend me a good all year chain, for this setup



    Track sprocket won’t fit. They’re threaded. DX ones are ok but will eat through an alloy freehub body if you have one. I’ve got a DX on a ratbike and an On One thing with a wide base on another. Superstar do a cheap wide base one but reviews speak of varying quality.


    White industries.


    I use Andel cogs from Velosolo on my mountain bike. They seem to last well and have a wide base.

    Premier Icon benji

    Chris King, got loads of miles out of them, and wide foot so don’t dig into alloy freehub bodies.


    Surly cromo sprokets at £20 each. I run two on a Hope freehub and they haven’t marked the splines.

    I run a SRAM PC1 without issues. Others don’t like them, but mine is fine. Horizontal dropouts mean I just slide the wheel to switch sprocket.


    Chris King was disappointing, I got a lot more life out of my Surly. I probably expected a bit more having paid about £35.

    Now trying a Halo…


    I broke my absolute black one on its first ride. Plus it has worn really badly, even with a brand new chainNot impressed. Having an email fest with them atm trying to get it sorted. Personally I think I’d go with a surley one now.


    Been using an On-One cog for 1000’m of km, no visible wear. No damage to soft DT 240 freehub either.

    Premier Icon Cheezpleez

    On-One Groove Armada is a good balance of price and durability IME. I’d avoid Superstar SS alloy cogs – mine was made of Brie and self-destructed in no time. Surly about the same as the On-One but a bit more spendy.

    +1 for On-One and Surly. Many many miles on many bikes and none of mine look even used (15-20t sappped arround for use on various bikes and fitness levels).


    Gusset doublesix worked very well for me.

    Premier Icon Yak

    Andel/velosolo or surly. Wide base and last well.

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