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  • Which SPD pedals
  • Goldigger

    Ok this has probably been asked a million times so i apologise, i used the search but the results were mostly FS threads!

    I’ve used flat pedals all my cycling life and never been tempted to try SPD/Clipless
    Riding with the mrs doesn’t really warrant anything other than flats, but when i’m on my own or with mates hooing around like i stole the bike, i find a few times when i wish my feet were clipped in!
    So please help me decide on a pair of SPD/Clipless, shimano or Times?
    I’ve heard a few times that the time pedals are more freindly on the knees?

    Oh and some shoes…
    I Mostly ride XC…



    I now use the Time Atacs after using SPD’s for years. There’s not a lot of difference really but I do prefer the Time’s. The cleat setup is easier on them too, you don’t have to bother about toeing them in or the sideways positioning…it makes sense when you compare the two.
    I can’t comment on the durability of them as I’ve only started using them this year. They’re supposed to last years though.


    If you just want to try it then Shimano 520’s, for a little bit lighter for not much more cash, plus they look better then 540’s. The extra float of Times only helps if you pedal funny imo.


    I switched to spd in the summer, mainly for XC, I went straight for Shimano XT and a light Bonty XC shoe with stiff carbon sole, all good so far, apart from the comical standing falls, still getting used to them after being a flat user for years.

    ive had CB shimano and time

    time is best imo


    Found Time Atac Carbon for £90…

    Whats the advice on Shimano Sizing? Im normally a size 8 in my normal shoes/trainers..
    Do i get a shimano 43 or 44?


    43. I’m a Size 9 and wear 44.

    For pedal swapping pffafflessness, how about these. I like mine but others have had some issues

    EDIT: unless you have wide feet. I’m a D width and Shimano shoes seem to come up rather narrow.


    I’ve used Time for years. They last for years too, are great in mud, easy on dodgy knees (like mine), love ’em.

    Crank Brothers Mallet. Great float, ridiculously easy engagement and release but still secure when you want it! Flat platform allows excellent support and you can nip to the shops or down the beach or whatever you want in an ordinary pair of flat shoes without a huge, painful lump in the middle of the pedal (you can just about feel it).


    trying SPD’s can be expensive, so I’d suggest cheap shimano pedals (505’s lasted 3 years) 520’s can be had for around £25.

    Shoes are the awkward bit. they are stiffer than flats so can rub and be uncomfortable, force your foot to be in positions you may not normally put them in, and like all shoes, fit is important. I’d be tempted to get something cheap from ebay, see how you like it then invest when you know what you want.

    I have some Scott shoes, which took ages to break in but are ace now (though heavily vented so definately summer shoes and some nikes that were given to me by a friend which are a bit loose but look like smart shoes(ish)

    Van Halen

    i got some crank bros pedals and some spd vans for £20 a piece off here.

    i tried shimanos and crank bros first and prefered the crank bros. much less faff to set up and super easy engagement.

    just got to learn to trust my tyres


    Funnily enough………………
    Let me know what you think, open to offers.
    I converted this year and actually really like it, the comedy falls havent happened much to my riding buddies dismay.


    Premier Icon cookeaa

    another +1 for M520 – Cheapest way to try SPDs out I reckon, got them fitted to my road bike and SS.

    As for shoes that’s a very personal thing, you say your primarily riding XC so a good stiff sole would make sense then but brand wise it all come down to your feet, personally I get along well with Diadora at the minute (I also have some cheapo Aldi jobs which work well for me), another mate loves Specialized, another likes Bontrager and My dad likes his shimanos, my advice is go to a shop and try a few different pairs on, nothing beats trying them for size…

    *All of course IMO…


    I offer you a pair of brand new Shimano M505 SPD pedals with new cleats and reflectors for £16.50 PPG….not as good as XT but new and with cleats.

    I fill new pedals with grease before fitting, and have yet to wear a pair of Shimanos out…my roady has done over 50,000 miles on a pair of used M525s!

    Mail me if interested.



    I always go up a size with shimano shoes, have spd and crank brothers. Prefer the crank brothers for ease of engagement and float, but sure you would be happy with SPD. In fact thinking of going back to shimano pedals, as I like some of their platform designs.


    Got these as a temporary measure and havent bothered replacing them, cheap and do the job very very well.



    I like the look of those mackem! cheap too.


    +1 for the M530. Just fitted a pair to one of my bikes after being all M520 prior to that. Find them easier to start off when on hilly or rocky stuff as you can do a few pedal strokes to get some momentum up before clipping in.


    m530’s look good, think I’ll probably get some for when I build up a commuter

    I’ve been using the xt trail pedals with no complaints for two months:


    They’re slightly lighter, and have better sealing than the above.


    Cheers for your feedback guys..
    I went for Time atacs XS carbon as they were only a fiver more than than standard XS @£90

    Also went for Shimano M183N shoes from On-One £100

    Was tempted to get some of the cheapo Shimano M520 to get me started, if i mess em up no big deal..

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