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  • Anything Seiko.

    Seconded I’d get a Seiko 5 of some sort. Look on ebay there’s loads.


    +1 for Seiko.

    I got a Citizen from Argos – £200 down to £70.

    Quite happy with it.

    Bit like this one

    ron jeremy

    …for about £50-£70, ive a g shock (big fan) which I use most of the time but I want something a little smarter (metal with metal strap) for wearing out smart and for work, but it also must be able to stand up to the fact that I am a clumsy bugger, now I know there are several watch afficiendos on here, so I’m open to any and all advice

    Thanks in advance


    I would suggest Fossil although you will need to be scouring in the bay as they go for £75 / £250 rrp unless you stretch the budget. Respectable brand and lovely classic style to them.

    For all of them,


    This one is £85.

    I’ve been using a Citizen Eco Drive for a few years now and have been very happy with it. If you scour around you should get one of the stainless ones for around the £70 mark.

    Yeah mine (above) is the Eco Drive too


    +1 for a Seiko 5 ,automatic movement which is pretty much bulletproof.
    I wear mine for work all day including drilling with a SDS drill and still keeps great time.
    Plenty of aftermarket parts for them if you ever feel like tinkering.

    Father In Law has a Fossil watch looks ok ,but just has a cheap generic quartz movement which isnt that great.


    Have you looked at Casio’s other watches? They have some reasonably robust metal on metal watches; perhaps not quite as solid as a G-Shock, but not bad. Solar powered, too, some of them.


    I’ve got a Sony Smartwatch but probably not what you’re after.

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    Seiko 5.

    Here’s mine, with a leather strap instead of the webbing one I think it was £80 all in.

    ron jeremy

    I’m very much liking the look of the Seiko 5 anything I should look out for?

    Great discounts on Seiko 5 automatics at the moment. A bought one for my Bro in-law for his birthday.

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    Mine (above) is an SNK809.

    Loads of places sell them, mine came off Amazon, watch kingdom.

    They come with a webbing strap as standard.

    They wind them selves up as you move, they are accurate enough I guess. The second hand sweeps. The back is glass so you can see the bits moving. Quite cool for the money.

    Premier Icon Tiger6791

    Omega Speedmaster

    (I know out of budget but I don’t care as it’s not my budget 🙂 )


    Orient Black Ray, mine’s ace. Nice clear design, genuinely waterproof. Worn everyday, outdoor, physical job.(Orient are owned by Seiko, but make their own auto movements)

    Boba Fatt

    Look Here

    My wife used them last year for this for me, grey import so you get their warranty rather than Seiko’s, so owt goes wrong you either send it back to Creation or pay out of your own pocket. But if you’re paying around £70 then who cares really? Anyhoo, she got me this:

    £140, compared to a general rrp of £280…..the watch guys on Pistonheads swear by Creation

    Okay so I now want a Seiko 5


    A yokobies.com Seiko 5 Mod. I’ve got one just like it:

    Nice watch, pretty accurate, but dead easy to adjust anyway, being a mechanical.

    My current watch, and one that’s as close as it gets to being my perfect watch, a Seiko ‘Spork’.
    Mine still has the stainless bracelet, but I’m looking for a stitched leather strap like the one in the photo.
    Beautiful watch, I’m thrilled to bits with it.

    Premier Icon matthewjb

    CountZero beat me to it.

    Yobokies would be where I’d look.


    CWC G10

    as worn by Prince ‘Arry

    Premier Icon matthewjb

    CountZero – Member
    but I’m looking for a stitched leather strap like the one in the photo.

    Is that a Toshi strap?

    Same Seiko 5 as coolhandluke, from the same place, and I am really pleased with it. Looks really crisp in the flesh and thus far really accurate which I wondered about with I being mechanical.

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