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  • s8tannorm

    I’d go and take a look at either SnugPak or Alpkit if you fancy a down bag … you wouldn’t go wrong with either. I’m always a little concerned when using a down bag to bivvy though.



    i’ve done ALOT of research on this and bought a new bag last week and tested it at the weekend. I’d decided to get a snugpak softie as they have good pack size and price and different models for all temp ranges than i was in my local outdoor shop and saw these mountain equipment starlight ones reduced to £63. The chap in store was very knowledgeable and really rated them. It’s a great bag which i’ll be using for uk bivvying and camping as well as a trip to the arctic in 3 weeks when i’ll use it with a liner.


    you might have a go outdoors near you or i think they do mail order

    that’s what I was thinking, I don’t intend to be out in the rain, but sods law says there’ll be the odd unexpected shower!

    Needs to be something from the local local outdoors shop (cotswolds in Reading) or nearby army+navy surplus as I need it for thursday!

    Might just get a cheep one for thursday (‘teambuilding’ with work) and festivals and spend some propper money at a later date.


    If you were out in the rain would you not have a waterproof bivvy bag anyway?

    Been tempted by an Alpkit one – that ME one looks good too.


    Condensation is usually the issue with down bags. they work great high up below 0, but in the uk, morning dew often soaks them bivi bag or not. Alpkit make great bags for the money.

    Will be used for chilly nights out in spring to boiling hot and sticky nights in the summer (yea rite!). Mainly bivying, occasional camping. Preferably lightweight and compact, dont mind it being slightly on the chilly side if its compact as I can always fill the extra space with clothes.

    Budget is £70-80,

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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