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  • Which shifters fit with Hope Minis?
  • sharkbait

    A friend has some Hope Minis (about 4 years old I think) and want to replace the twist shifters that are currently fitted.
    I’ve just supplied him with some Shimano Deore shifters but he says they foul the fluid resevoir. Any suggestions as to what will fit OK?


    deores should fit spot on. He needs to put them on the bar before the brake lever tho (stem side not grip side) and if he is going from grip shift he might have got this wrong.


    Thanks Stato. He’s not a believer but going to have another try.

    I run Minis and Deore shifters, they go together ok. I recently switched to having them the other way, ie, put the brake leavers on first and then a large gap between them and the shifters. I like the one finger braking this way, but the minis have to be properly bled to get enough power for this to work.

    Premier Icon Paceman

    SRAM X-9 and X-7’s fit with Hope Mini Mono’s.


    You may need to remove the shifter windows to get your preferred position, but will need to bodge some way of stopping the filth getting in afterwards.

    4ndy B

    I had a set of mono mini’s (black & gold ones) and used Sram Attack trigger shifters with no problems (if he wants to keep the Shimano rear mech)

    Also running the ’07 mono mini’s with Sram X9, again no issues.

    Old XT shifters running quite happily here with the Mini lever, also Sram XO triggers and old X9 triggers.


    I got new LX shifters, they’re fine.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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