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  • andy7t2

    right i’m after a sat nav for work and been give about £150 to spend

    I’ll need something easy to use as none of us will read the instruction manual, i only need maps for mainland UK and as it will be used in a minibus, sometimes with a trailer, we need something that gives you plenty of warning before junctions so you can choose the right lane.

    So what have you used and what do you recommend

    Cheers in advance

    I like the TomToms personally – the graphics change to detailed (graphical) instructions when filtering off motorways. No idea about the amount of warning they give compared to others though.

    Something like this…

    Premier Icon cliffyc

    Have a Tom Tom,present from Santa, Christmas last year,(Girlfriend really)and love it, easy to set up and lots of customisation available off their website.


    I am also looking at Tom Tom but do you have to subscribe every year? What if I just subscribe for one year and stop after a year? Does it still work?


    get the tom-tom start, its the basic model and is only about £80. tom-tom all the way they are the market leader. it will come with unto date maps but then if you want map updates they do them for about £40 for a years worth which has 4 upgrades each quarter.

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    Got a TomTom One a couple of years ago which has seen me allround Europe. Particularly useful navigating cities. Very easy to use, takes a little getting used to some of the directions but you quickly get to understand what its telling you.

    I’ve never updated mine but rarely find changes, however might update it in a year or so.

    Screen is very clear to read and contains a lot of useful info. Not easy to type in postcodes on the move, but then you shouldnt be doing that anyway!

    Handy features like finding petrol stations either nearest or on route.

    Time to destination is always uncannily accurate too! Rarely send me into rivers / across fields (the one built into my Honda seemed to have a random selections of bridleways which confused things often!)

    I had one before which picked up travel alerts (one in a Lexus, one in a Honda) but really a waste of time – tried sending me on a 70-mile detour round an alp once, instead of a 5-minute queue!

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    I bought a TomTom One a few years ago. At the time, they were head and shoulders the most intuitive unit on the market, had the best GPS chipset and the best mapping. No contest.

    I suppose everyone else has closed the gap by now, but they’d still be my first go-to if I were to get another dedicated device (which is unlikely now that CoPilot on my phone is almost as good and a fraction of the price).

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    I bought a Tom Tom One (the most basic at the time) a few yars ago and like 40mpg have used it all round Europe as well as the UK. I don’t know what fancy extras you get with the more expensive units but I can’t think of anything that I would want to add.


    Tomtom is the popular choice as its very simple to use and maps are easy to follow,but personally found that the map data could be quite inaccurate,often got directed up footpaths and told to turn when there was no turning in site.

    My only other experience was of a older Mio satnav ,not as intuitive to use as a Tomtom but the map data and navigation was better ,don’t know what the newer ones are like though .


    hi all

    thanks for the advice looks like the basic tomtom is the one to go for

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    Tomtom Start 20 is £105 at Amazon and does everything you need, even ones down at this level do IQ Routes and lane guidance.


    Spend the change on either brodit mounts (if it’ll mostly be used in one vehicle) or a beanbag mount (if it’ll move about).

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