which rucksack for commuting? deuter/patagonia?

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  • which rucksack for commuting? deuter/patagonia?
  • steezysix

    I’ve always been a big Patagonia fan – got one of their courier bags that’s coming up on 10 years old and still looks good as new, plus a bunch of their clothing. Their stuff is built to last, plus it’s all made as eco friendly as possible. Deuter stuff seems good too, so I don’t think you’ll go wrong either way!


    Anyone had any experience of the above, I know deuter is a good make but the patagonia is cheaper and possibly better suited, but I want the bag to last…….
    The bag will be carrying usual oddments for work, lunchbox, diary, keys,spare trousers etc. I’m specifically looking at the patagonia yerba or the deuter speedlite 15…..
    Any help, recommendations would be most appreciated!


    I currently have a Deuter Transalp 30 that’s a few years old now.

    Ignoring the 13 – 20lb of crap I tend to ride with, it’s very comfortable and the rain cover has seen plenty of use this year.

    Not cheap but then I’ve always commuted with rucksacks so wanted something reliable and designed for the job.

    Deuter Bike 1 here. Had two – only retired the first after it got written off in a crash…….

    Where do you see the Pataginia cheaper then the Speedlite 15?


    +1 for the Carradice

    The saddlebag can be off the bike in a second or two and theres only a small mount attached to the seatpost so doesn’t add much weight to the bike when not being used and no sweaty back!


    I’ve got this from decathlon – bargain for £35.



    +2 for putting it on the bike instead.

    If this isn’t possible / desired then I’d look for a backpack that has compartments that hold stuff ‘up’ in the bag rather than allowing to just slump down to the bottom. Also good waist / hip straps make a big difference. I bought a Dakine as I had forgotten to pack my Camelbak and it is ten times more comfotable to wear.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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