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  • Which roadie windstopper softshell?
  • Hello all,

    Finger is getting itchy now, this is what ive found & really like:

    (Castelli Trasparente Due Wind Jersey)

    But before I go ahead, should I consider anything else?

    Budget £150 ish & want red, black & white or red & black.

    Thanks in advance,



    castelli gabba is excellent, waterproof to an extent, depends if its for this time of year or not, works well upto about 12deg

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    The mavic echappee works really well. Some good deals around at the moment too.


    I’m loving my Gore Ozon jersey. Great with just a base layer and not at all bulky.

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    Endura Windchill II Jacket – tried on loads, found Castelli too short in sleeves and body, this jacket is long. Used it for the past fews weeks with only a vest and short sleeve jersey underneath – warm, possibly too warm on sustained hard efforts on climbs. My budget was same as yours but was happy to pay less for a good fit.


    Endura Exo softshell


    how cold do you want to go? The transparente doesn’t really have any thermal properties to it, if you want warm have a look out for the Mortirolo which a lot of places are doing on offer within your budget at the moment.

    I have an Isterico gilet which is basically a sleeveless Mortirolo, very nice.

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    Another vote for Endura from me. Castelli is great kit but the jackets are very Italian in styling for me, they come up small and a bit narrow.


    I have the Trasparente Due, it’s a lovely bit of kit.


    It’s gore stuff all the way with me, never let me down


    I got the Gore in red/black for xmas & can’t fault it – came top in the reviews I read too.

    Gore Bike Wear Power 2.0

    I liked the Castelli in blue/white too but thought it wouldn’t be white for long – also in red/black

    Castelli Mortirolo Due

    Both £123

    Edit: Sorry Link maker won’t work for me.

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    fixed links for you

    captain slow

    I have the Gore phantom 2 in red from wiggle. Does the job very nicely.


    I have an older version of one of these:


    Superb piece of kit for the money. I wear it on my winter commute (with nothing underneath). Does the job in sub-zero temperatures, it will start getting too warm for it soon and I will switch to a non-windproof top.


    Castelli sizing isn’t for everyone. Not me anyway. I’m running a Sportful Bodyfit Pro Thermal at the moment. Impressed.



    I’ve got a Castelli Duo Jacket and it is the best piece of kit i’ve ever owned. It is miles superior to my old Phantom, but it is expensive.

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    Had one of these for about four years now – Gore Oxygen. I really like it, very lightly insulated, close but not race-tight fit, completely windproof, very water resistant. Gets used pretty much every ride from late autumn through to early spring.

    I’d never use Gore Windstopper Soft Shell stuff on the mtb, but it really seems to suit the steadier output levels you get on the road.

    I like the way that Gore has different cut jackets so you can pretty much pick and choose anywhere on the spectrum between mtb baggy through to race-snake close, but pretty much everything else I use on the road is now Mavic.

    plus one

    ^ What he says ^ bought a gore oxygen few weeks ago and it’s earned it’s keep !!! Torrential rain a few times and while not billed as waterproof it’s done a good job keeping me warm/mostly dry..

    I have another waterproof soft shell that failed miserably in the rain 🙁

    Gore oxygen is a really nice well made tailored fit


    Gore alp x for me. Used for both road and mtb lasted 2 years 8k miles and looks almost new. Can zip the arms off if you get too hot and is waterproof enough. Good for down to about 5 degrees with just a long sleeve base


    Just order a load on credit card to try on if you don’t have a range of shops to try at. Fit is so varied between brands and is the most important aspect of all the ‘technical’ features as they’re designed to be close to skin. Castelli doesn’t work for me (I’d be an XL but their move from L to XL seems to simply broaden the shoulders out and lengthen the sleeves!). Best I’ve found for my moderate build frame is Assos (now too dear) and more recently Endura, their newer FS-260 and equipe stuff is cut really really well.

    Thanks all.

    The mind boggles……

    Don’t want a proper winter jacket, just something to keep me warm when its a bit nippy.


    Graham – doesn’t need to be on credit card, distance selling regs mean you have 7 days from receipt of goods ordered online to change your mind and return. Very useful for these purposes!

    Edit – thinking about it that may be what you meant!

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    Don’t want a proper winter jacket, just something to keep me warm when its a bit nippy.

    Can I then suggest looking at the montane hyena, or another jacket made from powersheild rather than windstopper. In my experience windstopper (and other membrane softshells) are not a lot better than a full waterproof for moisture management once you start working at any rate higher than a casual stroll.


    Don’t want a proper winter jacket, just something to keep me warm when its a bit nippy.

    Castelli Gabba with a decent base layer. Maybe not for big days out but for training rides it’s ideal for me.

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    I bought the On-One tech (merino/ poly blend) jacket, because they claim it’s wind and water resistant. It’s nothing of the sort – wind whistles through it, it soaks up any moisture, and it’s already bobbling up after about 5 rides. A complete waste of £50.


    Another vote for the Gore Alp-X. Not strictly a road jacket, but it’s tailored and the ability to zip of the arms and convert it to a vest makes is versatile. Kept me warm enough on 50 mile road rides in the winter at night.


    Look at dhb stuff on Wiggle, it’s excellent value for money.


    Gore Power 2.0 for me also, very nice and snuggly

    Arms and body plenty long enough

    £95 from TGStore with loyalty code


    I use a Gore Phantom although TBH I’ve barely felt the need to remove the sleeves, although opening them a bit of ventilation is good.
    Also have a Giordano Silverline Wintex Jersey which is warmer and more breathable.


    What’s the optimum wet-ish weather road kit? A windstopper + a small lightweight waterproof when it starts to shower?


    What’s the optimum wet-ish weather road kit? A windstopper + a small lightweight waterproof when it starts to shower?

    how wet and what sort of riding?

    I have used a Gore Oxygen? Goretex jacket, but it is too much if working hard unless it is really raining, I just tend to accept getting damp and worry about the wind if working hard.


    I use use a Windproof and a put a Montane featherweight waterproof in my pocket in case it rains really hard.


    Evans have pretty good deals on Gore stuff at the moment, including softshells.

    Im swaying towards another Gore….

    I have a Gore Alp-X 2.0 softshell & a Gore Alp-X 2.0 Gore-Tex for mtb duties & love them!

    Liking this:

    But cant find it in stock in XXL anywhere 🙁

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    What is that? ^^

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    Not Windstopper but Leckie’s in Falkiek may still have some Altura Varium jackets left in black L and XL – I bought one two weeks ago. An absolute steal at £40.

    Wish I’d bought one earlier when they had more colours; discussed here!


    Evans have some good offers


    I got this one and am really happy with it.


    Buy Gore, buy once 🙂 I have a 9-year old gilet which looks as new.
    The red Xenon jacket above – I have a blue one, is very good quality, very breathable. Proper tight roadie fit tho…

    “What is that ^^”

    Its a Gore Xenon 2.0 – but now realised its Gore-Tex & not a softshell….

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