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  • crikey

    Shimano are basically Look but without the problem of wearing the cleats out with every step you take.

    I’m also of the opinion that spending lots on pedals is daft because they get battered quickly.

    SPD-SL 105s for me.


    And apparently 105’s are carbon for 2014. I’ve only used Ultegra and Dura Ace SL’s so can’t speak for the myriad other brands. The Shimano ones are faultless.


    Look Keos are the ones I’d reccommend


    For someone that has only ever used SPDs…

    Was looking at speedplay, but have decided to just go with normal roadie pedals for now to see how I get on. Front runners so far are Look Keo Classic and Time Xpresso 2.

    Both are lightweight, appear reasonably easy to get in and out of, and are cheap (40 quid approx). The times look a bit fragile however.

    Any comments on either, or suggestions? Was going to avoid shimano as they’re a bit heavier, but someone may well change my mind…


    Just got Time Iclik racer £52 from Planet X.
    Very easy clip in and it rotates at the centre of foot to get out, similar to SPD.
    I like them.


    I like my Speedplay’s.


    I’ve used 105s for years but I’m looking at speedplays now

    Keo user here and happy, but seem to slide around a bit when located. Would probably go Iclick next time round.


    I like Speedplays too. Have had knee problems in the past and they seem to have helped.


    Yeah it’s my knee that’s making me want some and the fact that you don’t have to fart about trying to get clipped in when our cleats are a bit chipped


    Speedplay here super useful if you have a few sets of lights to deal with on a road ride, you’re generally clipped in when other people as skating cleat over pedal…
    They’re light and available in pretty colours too which is nice.
    Adjustableness is ace I’ve got mine set up so I can’t rub my crank arms, I can handle shonky knees as long as my bike looks nice!


    Went from Iclic to Keo 2, massive improvement.

    They feel far more positive and planted.

    Cleats still going well nearly 12 months on, would easily have been into another pair of Time’s by now.

    Premier Icon iainc

    Recently gone to xpresso4 from time RXS. Very easy to engage, nice feel, cleats are cheese 🙁 . I am selling the RXS First’s with 2 sets of cleats (1 pair unused) if any use ?

    Just use what you use on the mtb but make sure you buy some good superstiff shoes.


    105 – best bang for buck.


    Shimano are easier to clip into than KEO’s, cleats are more hard-wearing too. But for low cost of entry, KEO’s would be my choice. Not tried Speedplay, but never heard a bad thing about them other than cost of entry.

    I ride KEO blades on the best bike, normal KEOs on the fixed and race bike. Son1 rides Shimano.


    ride keo carbon blades and prefer them over shimano. Too much looseness with shimano whereas keo are very direct and stiff. Have tries ritchey as well and they were same as shimano

Viewing 17 posts - 1 through 17 (of 17 total)

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