Which phone? Galaxy s4 or HTC one? Anyone got either?

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  • Which phone? Galaxy s4 or HTC one? Anyone got either?
  • spudly1979

    Dithering a bit, I’ve got a galaxy s2 at the moment and upgrade time looms. I like the look of both, specs look pretty similar.

    Any good/ bad points you’ve spotted from using them?


    Get the HTC mate,best phone I’ve had. Did an early upgrade from my S3. Screen is a belter, phone is slightly heavier but not really noticeable. Get a case for it though as screen marks a little too easy in your pocket.


    I have an HTC One, moved from an iPhone.
    Really well made, nice solid device, fits my hand perfectly. I bought a case and screen protector immediately, always do with a new phone.

    I’m very impressed with it. Sound is excellent, good as a phone. The camera is a bit poor in low light but otherwise it’s great. The screen is big enough to watch films on comfortably as well as reading books.

    Poor points? Battery life isn’t great. If I turn off wireless and 3G when I’m not using them as well as putting the screen on half light then it’ll last me 24 hours, maybe longer. Likewise GPS. Getting an app that provides a toolbar to do this really helps.

    It’s lightning quick, never seen it stutter with anything. Recommended.


    As Samuri said.

    I’ve used iPhones for 4 years and then switched to the htc.

    The build quality is not quite there compared to the iPhone but thats being really picky. A decent case will mask the slightest of gap between screen and frame though.


    Got an S4. Go for the HTC


    Also consider LG G2 and Nexus 5 which is out imminently


    I’d get the one. The full alli body and immense screen definitely make it one of the leading android phones!

    Premier Icon stumpyjon

    I’ve just moved from an HTC Sensation to an S4 Active. Prefered the look of the HTC one but the S4 was free vs £69 for the HTC on the same Tariff. I liked the Sensation but the S4 has been fine and better battery.


    I got an s4 really because I prefer samsungs skin on android and reviews basically said it was better. Looking to get the nexus5 if it’s any good.


    Go to a shop and ask to have a play on both…I had a list of possible phones I was interested in and ending up choosing the one at the bottom of it (A Sony Xperia). That was due to how it felt in my hand and the layout of the menus. I should add that the S4 and HTC were on my list.


    Sony Experia Z or Z1.

    I’ve got a Nokia N95 that I like very much. Very well made and the camera is superb. GF has an Iphone 4s but prefers mine.


    Always had iPhones but recently switched to a HTC one after trialling a few others.

    Easily the best phone I’ve had.

    I would wait for the Nexus 5 coming (allegedly) at the end of the month. Also the Nexus 4 is making a comeback in a 4g flavor.


    TBH at this price point and ability level it really doesn’t matter – they’re all brilliant.

    I was very impressed with the LG G2 though. Quad core 2.3 cpu and a full HD 5.2 screen. I own the HTC One though which is also epic.

    LG gives you a cheaper, uber specced option though.

    You’ll be happy with any at this price point however – just pick the one you like 🙂


    Get the Sony experian z1 I have a htc one the case won’t last the contract and can’t be replaced, it will look like a kicked can within the year. The Samsung has louder speakers, the screen on the s4 is gorilla glass 4 and is much harder to scratch than the htc, the camera is sharper on the s4. The htc takes better pictures in low light and the zoe function is amazing but that is software not hardware. My htc one is 10 months old and looks every day of it. I’d go with the z1, the video editing is better than zoe, the camera is better by far, the glass is tougher too.

    Ho hum

    My contract on my S2 has just finished and I decided to keep it and go on a SIM only deal and save £22 a month.

    Are the latest ones that much better?


    I’m about to be in the same position ho hum, currently only paying 20 pcm, can’t see the newer phones being that much better that its worth going up to 30 odd pcm and having to pay up front. Deals are a lot worse than they used to be!

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