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  • Which online photo printing site
  • Hi wanted to do a bit of a collage picture thing with some pictures. Went on photobucket and it only accepts one photo at a time. OMG its like software from a decade ago!
    Anyone recommend something better?


    I normally use Truprint. always been good for me.

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    Photo box always impresses me with its quality. Not sure about the collage thing mind…

    Thanks for those responses, tried trueprint and found the uploading interface much quicker to use. Have used photobox before for prints but for the collage poster it was going to take hours uploading the pictures one at a time.

    On Photobox, create a new album, upload all your photos to it, go and have a cup of tea, then use the album of already uploaded photos to create your collage.


    Why don’t you merge the photos into one image before uploading?

    I’ve always used Peak Imaging and been impressed with the quality.


    That is another point – if you have the skills / resources, I always do any editing or other work in Photoshop and get the pictures I’m printing sized correctly and everything else. Then just upload those versions to print, so there is no possibility of any editing surprises coming from the printing site.


    Take a look at ixxi for some fancy mosaic stuff.


    Simple software, great prices, superb quality. peak are good but DCL are cheaper and just as good.

    1) Create collage in Photoshop
    2) Send to http://www.theprintspace.co.uk
    3) Pay money
    4) Sit back and wait for goods to drop through the letterbox.

    Photobox are good but god it’s expensive… 😯

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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