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  • Which note taking application for Android / Nexus7?
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    Evening all,

    I’ve just purchased a Nexus 7, primarily for work use, and am looking for a note taking app. I’m entirely new to Android and the problem is I’ve found hundreds of apps and have no idea which would be the best for me. Ideally I want to use it to take notes, possibly with drawings added in, and then have the notes sucked through the ether and be available on my PC as editable text files.

    So I would like:

    1. Recognize input from stylus (handwriting recognition) and keyboard and convert it to text.
    2. Allow multiple notebooks/files of notes.
    3. Allow images, pictures, etc to be drawn or added to text.
    4. Export as editable text (PDF at a push if pictures are present but if there is a way to have them as embedded images in editable text then that would be ideal).
    5. Sync with dropbox or google drive (or other online storage)
    6. Do stuff on my PC and send it back to the app on the Nexus7 (i.e. multiplatform app).
    7. Someway of linking notes to a calendar, preferably outlook, or setting alerts for certain times/days.

    Not bothered about:

    Social media stuff.

    So far I have found Memability and LectureNotes that seem to fit the bill. MyScript Notes Mobile looks good but isn’t availiable for the Nexus7 and I don’t want to root mine yet and sideload it.

    What would the great Androidistas of STW recommend?



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    I use Catch as a basic note app, but my needs are different to yours; specifically, I needed to share data with an iPhone user.

    Would Evernote fit the bill, perhaps? That’s very well regarded. (I don’t use it as I prefer OneNote for desktop noteage).

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    Cheers Cougar. Maybe OneNote would fit the bill?

    Anybody else?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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