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  • Which northern coast to coast?
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    There’s Way of the Roses, Hadrian’s Wall, Transpennine trail, St Bees-Robin Hoods MTB route.

    Want a quick multi dayer in the next two weeks. Thinking of a midweek three dayer mini-break, but which one. St Bees-Robin Hood is too much for the time, weather, daylight and fitness available, but I’m thinking of it for a summer jaunt.

    I live near the Doncaster section of Transpennine trail, Southport to Hornsea. Lots of the bits near me are sloppy mud at the minute, but as with many things does it get better the further you get from Doncaster?

    That would leave Handrian’s vs Roses. Anybody done both/either. Which is most fun. I’d be taking a Fargo with panniers and B&Bing/Youth Hostelling.


    I recommend here as an alternative :+)

    Another C2C option

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    Ooh, like that one. Can I haul my longboat over it with some Viking mates?

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