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  • Which noise cancelling headphones?
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    Hello all.

    Has anyone got any experience of over the ear noise cancelling headphones?

    A couple of mates have the Bose ones with the rechargeable battery, but I prefer the fit and convenience of the AAA ones.

    As they are bloody expensive, any other makes worth a look at, or are the Bose ones worth the extra?

    Also any cheap deals on the Bose ones?



    I would go for in-ear noise blocking rather than cancelling. no batteries to replace and they deal with variablle noises not just background humm type stuff. Ive got Shure 420’s but i think they have changed the range now. (other brands may be better if you are into Bass music)

    I tried as many as I could, and bought these in the end;

    Denon AH-NC800

    Their sound was better than the Bose, IMO, and the noise cancelling was on a par. Combine that with a cheaper price, and I’m very pleased. Re battery life, mine get 40hrs out of one AAA battery, a spare is easily stored in the case. If you’re using them more than that, you’re flying WAAAAY too much!


    I’ve got a pair of Jabra noise cancellers that I picked up for about £25 a while ago. They’re pretty good if you, maybe not the ultimate hifi experience (maybe the cable is going in the wrong direction….). AAA batteries etc.

    Cheap enough to not worry about too much if I leave them on a plane.

    Take up a lot of room, like all fancy headphones with their zip up box, cables etc., amzing how that eats into your hand luggage that a little pair of in-ear jobs wouldn’t.


    I’ve got Bose one’s which don’t require batteries and they do a good job of cancelling unwanted noise. Fold up nice and compact too.


    I’ve got the JVC HA-NC250 ones and can’t fault them. They use a single AAA battery and came with the connections to use in an aeroplane. I find them very comfortable as does my wife who has the same ones.

    Premier Icon giantonagiant

    Many thanks all.

    Flashy, those were recommended to me by the chap in Currys at Heathrow. Do the cups fit right over your ears? (I have BFG-esque lugs). I think when they first came out they were nearly £300!!! £135 on Amazon now.

    I’ll have a look at all the other suggestions, thanks again everyone, I thought I could rely on STW for help!

    They fit over my ears!

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