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    In the past I went though a phase of buying ceramic knives. While they are impressive you can’t beat a decedent steel blade.
    I snapped a ceramic blade removing an avocado stone. I snapped another’s tip off prepping a squash.
    Yes, I could have used a steel knife for these tasks but the kind of defeats the whole point.

    I’m now using a wmf set which I picked up for a great price.

    Wusthof Classic.
    Understated, nicely weighted and excellent value, IMHO. So good, I bought two of them (And the rest of the set, as well!) Pretty much bang on budget.


    and stay razor sharp

    No knife stays razor sharp without sharpening, it would be worth getting a decent whetstone and steel as well, and taking the time to learn how to use them.

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    I’ve had this range for 20 years, still going strong.

    4 Star

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    Too late to edit my post. My new set are wusthof culinar not wmf.


    This is a super STW question. I know y’all know the answer.

    I want a new 8/10 inch chef’s knife. Not really sure I want a ceramic one, thanks to the fact everyone I know who has one seems to have snapped them.

    Maybe something carbon steely which will go nice and dark grey, and stay razor sharp. Not mad on stainless knives; but i’m sure the knife gods will be along in a minute.

    What are you suggestions? 70 odd quid enough to buy an XT equivalent chopper?


    I have a small Robert Welch prep knife (from John Lewis) that I’m really impressed with. 10 cm blade iirc. Keeps it’s edge really well and sharpens up very well. On this basis ill suggest any of their bigger knives, which I will probably end up buying one day.

    I also have 4 carbon steel knives which sharpen up lovely and keep their edge very well so it’s a matter of preference really.


    I’m a chef, I’ve also been using the swilling 4 star, ten years plus and still as good as the day I bought it. Still my No.1 Knife.


    Robert Welch Signature Series. I’ve had one for over a year now and its still razor sharp with using the sharpening tool every now and again. really nice feel and not stupidly expensive.


    Another vote for Zwilling / Henckels.

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    I’ve got some Zwilling / Henckels too (the Pro S range). Had them about 12+ years and still great.


    Global and henckels here, global for finery, henckel for chopping the veg.


    my Global is 14 years old. 5 of those years it was used 14 hours a day for everything. these days its used daily for everything. takes a bit of work these days on a stone to keep it sharp and keep an edge, but when its sharp, it’s sharp!


    +1 Wusthof


    Its all about your cutting style.

    If you like turbo chop style (crush through object) like you see on chef programs, then Euro style/geometry knive are for you.

    If you fancy more precise thin paper tomato slices (sliding through object) etc, then japanese style knive are better bet.

    I am surprised no one mentioned -Tojiro- , best bung for your money and very good starting point into knife fetish.
    I bought Tojiro DP (VG10 steel) 21cm chefs, and 12cm pairing knife for £100 or so 2 years ago. I can cut through bones as well as cut paper thin tomatoes at the same time. But hell, one wrong move and your fingers are out!

    My wife hates Tojiro, as she doesnt put much of her heart into food preparation so uses different knife for her speed cooking. While myself enjoy theatrical art of fine slicing.



    Another vote for Wusthof. Also have some Opinel knives

    While myself enjoy theatrical art of fine slicing.

    Everything you do is theatrical popstar. I’ve seen you crash on a flat trail and you manage to make even that dramatic


    I ordered some blok knifes for my brother before Christmas – bloody lovely they were too


    OK! I have gone for Wusthof Classic!


    you need Valyrian steel, forged by the blacksmiths of Qohor.


    Yet another vote for a Zwillings **** (the uncensored version).

    That and my Opinel No.7

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