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  • Which is the coolest full face helemt?
  • andrewh

    Not the one which make look the most rad whilst the gnar is being shredded, or whatever it is the youth say nowadays, but the best ventilated one.
    Probably going to be in it for a couple of hours and I guess most are only designed for 10 minute races and could get a little warm.
    Quite tempted by something like a Met Parachute, can wear it as a normal helmet as I ride to the top, then attach the jaw guard for the ride back down. Sounds ideal for messing about at Inners, but would one of those be up to the job of the Megavelanche for example?

    Premier Icon weeksy

    Specialized Deviant.

    the Met seems to be a few horror stories about.


    There’s a new Parachute for 2014 http://www.pinkbike.com/news/Preview-MET-2014-Helmets.html

    I have one of the older ones and as the review says it is essentially a 90s XC helmet with a chinpiece – great for fending off low-flying branches and undergrowth but no comparison with a proppa full face.

    Inexpensive FFs tend to be (relatively) well ventilated because they are constructed along the lines of trail helmets and tend to be quite a bit different to the motorbike-style fit of more purposeful FFs.

    Personally I am prepared to sacrifice some ventilation I think one of the most important aspects of a FF is the reduction in wind noise that comes from having a snug-fitting quiet helmet. Reducing the sensations of speed is one of the keys to going faster.


    Breezy = Deviant

    Protection = Troy Lee D2/D3 or POC or something you’ll be told by others shortly

    Most important, try on and buy what fits properly

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    I had a deviant, it is too heavy for the fastening system (it is basically a standard xc lid with a full face shell attached)and doesn’t last long.

    I would go for either the met parachute if you feel you want the breathabilaty, or go trying on some proper full facers.


    If you go fast it doesn’t matter how cool it is 🙂

    D3 is the only proper choice if the fit suits you. POC, Fox Rampage or Bell Full if not.

    Met Parachute unsuitable when 20 frenchies run your head over on snow, ice and rocks, which they will do given the chance.


    I’ve always got on with THE helmets and they tend to have nice graphics too. They’re moot too pricey either.

    I think Kali do something that is quite light and we’ll ventilated but tough too.


    The coolest is the one that stopped me from smashing my scull.

    Premier Icon kimbers

    I like the look of the new Parachute
    but for the megavalanche the minimum potection Id want would be a Deviant


    Urge archi-enduro? Full face protection but more open at the front. My brother has one and rates it.

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    I’ll let you know when I get my very special custom painted TLD D3 🙂


    I’ve had a deviant and really liked it on hot days as it wasn’t as hot as other FF helmets. Since bought an Urge and it doesn’t seem much warmer but all my riding in it has been bike-parks so chairlift up with lid off, no pedalling on the way down.

    In my opinion, the best thing to do is to have a normal open face helmet and then a really protective full face like a Bell Full 9. If you feel that you need the full face for riding where you pedal up and ride down then take both and wear one while attaching the other to your pack.

    EDIT- andy above edited making my post look stupid. lol


    What does Schumacher wear ?..


    The 661 full face that’s sub £50 on various websites is cool enough. I forget I’m wearing it until people I pass by give me strange looks


    I used to swear by TLD D3’s but have recently discovered Airoh Aviator helmets which are higher protection being ACU approved for street use, lighter and lots more designs / colours to choose.
    If they’re good enough for Cedric 😉


    I think one of the most important aspects of a FF is the reduction in wind noise that comes from having a snug-fitting quiet helmet. Reducing the sensations of speed is one of the keys to going faster.

    Never thought of that, but it makes sense. I had noticed I’m a rubbish driver when I’ve got the music on loud, sounds like the same thing.
    Just googled the Urge and this was the first thing which popped up. I know none will indestructible but it has put me off somewhat http://forums.mtbr.com/utah/crash-report-urge-archi-enduro-helmet-795542.html
    Deviant’s a maybe. I’ve used S1s and S-Works shoes and really like the Spec clothing. I had seen the 661 and liked the look of it, but TBH honest the price put me off a little. It’s cheap, which is usually a good thing, but is it a little too cheap? 6079Smith, are you still on your first or have you ever had a big crash in one, did it do the job?


    Only had it since Nov and hopefully will never have to find out how well it protects!
    Reviews on that have been positive though.
    It weighs less than some more expensive ones. So it was a no-brainer for me to get it.

    If you really want cheap try Decathlon if you’re near a store.

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    Urge Down-o-matic is very well vented for a proper downhill fullface. Massive mouth vents, decent top vents and quite an open internal structure. Ideal for gnat shredding but still orrible to pedal up a hill in.

    props for bluegrass full faces – my first, comfortable from the oft, airy enough for riding and coming from a roadie/xc background it didnt feel heavy or restrictive wearing it (which was my initial impressions from wearing friends ff’s)

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    Ruroc RG-1 (well..snowboarding helmet but it might be ok looking like Darth vader and that)

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    Coolest looking or coolest temperature?

    We all use Casco Viper helmets in Alp type situations. very light, top of your bonce sits against a net so the top of your entire head gets air flow over it. chin guard is removable by unclipping the chin bit.

    Not especially cool looking but certainly very comfortable and cool for temperature.

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