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  • Which is the best Tintin?
  • will
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    Objectif Lune (aka Destination Moon)
    On a marché sur la Lune (aka Explorers on the Moon)
    Tintin en Amerique (easy one that one)

    Read them all in French but primarily because that’s what language I had them bought for me in as a kid.

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    The BEST Tintin by far is Tintin, english,25, plays at small forward even tho he’s 6`10" and is the star player for Reading Rockets Basketball team. An athelete we could all aspire to be alike. Google "David Tintin Watts" basketball. Wish I could be like nah nah anh. lol 😉

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    For the fans – get the boxed set of Tintin movies:

    At that price you can’t fail to get them – they’re ace, and what’s more they’re pretty true to the English versions of the books too, same artistry etc…


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    Tintin chez les soviets.
    As merchandising I find the "dictionnaire des insultes du Cpt Haddock" amazing.

    I don’t really know how Asterix could be good in English (or any other than french to be honest) as a lot is probably lost during the translation.

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    Sorry. Just had to do it!

    Anyway, Asterix was much better.

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    Juan, the translations of Asterix and Tintin into English are great actually, pretty much all the puns and humour are adapted really well.

    Kingtut, why does that not surprise me, I suspect you spent your childhood reading the ingredients on Ginster’s wrappers. 😉

    I don’t really have a favourite Tintin book, they all kind of merge into each other, like James Bond films. When I was a kid I liked King Ottaker’s Sceptre (where he thwarts the Nazis) and the Blue Lotus (where he saves Chinese people from the clutches of the dastardly Japanese). Although the politics were completely lost on me at the time I wonder if my parents steered me towards the more PC ones.

    Noteeth, if you haven’t read it already Harry Thompson’s biography of Herge is well worth a look.

    And Geordie Tintin is great. "You radge puff."

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    My current favourite!

    (Plus we live next door in a tiny chalet called Milou… the French TinTin fans will get that one…)

Viewing 8 posts - 41 through 48 (of 48 total)

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