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  • …for my downhill/jumpy Soul? I’m flitting between the Race X2 Evo, Tech M4 Evo, or a mix and match of the two. 183/160 rotors. 12.5 stone rider, thinking of doing some Gravity Enduros next year, one bike for everything. Feel matters more than power but I don’t want them to seem feeble compared to my current 2.5 year old Avid Elixir Rs. Weight isn’t a great concern, reliability is.


    M4, got both power and feel. Probably dont match Shimano XT/SLX for power, but they have good modulation and are completely servicable.

    The ones that say Shimano Deore XT or SLX on them.

    Love Hope hubs – never liked their brakes in comparison to the simplicity, power and just endless intervals between messing about with them compared to Hopes. Currently got a set of XTs on my SS that haven’t been bled for about 5 years and they’re still spot on!


    Loved my m4s that were recently nicked. Have ordered x2s for the new bike though as they were probably overkill for most of my riding. Lovely kit the hope brakes, easy to service and if you went for x2s and someday decided to change to an m4 front (or visa versa) it’s easy to just change caliper.


    Either m4 or x2 but try and get some with race levers – if you can’t get hold of the ltd edition m4s with race levers then maybe ask hope direct?

    I’ve got some custom M4’s with race levers and they are by far best brakes we have on any of the bikes in the house. Tech levers are good for their adjustability but feel pants compared to the race levers (2 bikes in the household are running tech levers).


    I would go with m4’s as I’ve got them and they’re grrrreat! 203 rotors though – I weigh 12 stones. They will do what you wish and you’ll be happy.

    Oxnop: please explain, if you can, the difference between the evo levers and the race levers, I’d like to heave the best available so may try if I can understand…

    Happy new year all!


    These are the race levers – I think this pic is of the ltd edition ‘evo’ m4. So I imagine the ‘evo’ levers are the same?

    Mine are not the ltd edition but standard 2011 m4’s mated to the race levers (same as in pic but without the ano green bits).

    The lever shape and throw on the race levers just feels right, and with the power of the m4’s the modulation is excellent

    Thanks! Race M4 Evo was the way I was leaning. I wonder if you can get them without the green bits? Thinking standard hoses and floating rotors…

    I’ve some older X2’s, power’s OK, not upto avids levels but enough not to cause undue arm strain.

    I think I’ve finaly sorted my avids which’ve been a PITA, but know people who run them with the bite piont just a few mm from the bar so they must be reliable as that doesn’t leave much room to pump the lever!


    I’ve got new X2’s, power is fine.


    Personally id go m4 front, x2 rear. As you tend to want more power at the front and you dont want to back to just lock up and skid. Addmittedly thou, id seriously 🙂 consider the shimano xt/xtrs and there just nuts on power. Althou hopes are easier to live with, plus you can service them with everything available from hope. And yes ive had both makes just incase anyone argued 😀


    I was just about to say the same as Cruzer.

    I run X2’s with Tech levers on my Five with a 183 up front and a 160 to the rear.

    Don’t have any issues at all but if you want a bit more power then the M4 on the front sounds about right to me.

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