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  • Which Heavier Duty Wheels for the Alps?
  • ianpinder

    2.5inch ties won't work to well on 719s the profile will be to rond and unstable, you're best of going with 721s o pro 2s, thats what i used last year


    Ooops, meant 721s not 712s!! 🙂
    Out of interest what 2.5 tyres did you use?


    2.5inch minions, looknig around in the alps so do most people. sometimes i run a highroller on the back. when you do go, unless your minted, run a supertacky upfront 42a and a maxpro on the rear (the 60a) which is a harder compound, as i've known people to wear out a 42a in 3 days here when its on the back


    Need for trail use, some bike park and messing around on the downhill courses, nothing too extreme, to fit on my new Nomad.

    At the moment I intend to ride in this country Mavic 317/Hope Pro II/Panaracer Cinder 2.25 combo from my old bike.

    Am looking to go with Mavic 719 or 712/Hope pro II/2.5 tyres(?) for heavier duty use in the Alps.

    What do people think?
    Am tempted by the Stans Flow rims as have used Stans for ages but not sure about going tubeless for more agressive riding.

    Any advice/help much appreciated 🙂

    Premier Icon ton

    king 20mm front on a sun mtx rim
    xt rear on a sun doubletrack rim
    fitted with minions

    got a mint set for sale too………… 😉


    721s here with Minions on too.

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    Mavic 729 rims here with 2.5 Highrollers, ghetto tubeless.

    They were great in the Alps this year 😆


    stans Flow rims are ace

    Premier Icon ahwiles

    I've been running a pair of 729's in the alps + uk Dh racing for a couple of years now, they're still straight, i've never touched them with a spoke key, so i figure they're over-kill (for me).

    this year i'm taking out a set of old 721's, they've seen even more action than the 729 wheels, and are only just out of true.

    the 721's are 100g lighter (each) than the 729's, yes, i'm a geek with a set of scales…

    (and my bike's got plenty of travel, so the wheels are saved from a lot of the forces)

    for a goodncheap option, how about the halo freedom wheelset? – i've got a pair of those on my play/jump/learning-to-do-tricks bike, and they're plenty strong enough. Cheap too, the only downside is the 500g rear hub – a hope proII weighs 300g

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    mavix ex 21mm jobs are bombproof and light, bang a set of Highrollers or minions on there if it looks wet invest in the swampthings


    use old Mavic crossmax SX's (buying a few spare spokes as have broken a few and got repaired once in Morzine)- new ones get better ratings

    tubeless wheels with DH 2.5ins 42a supertacky ust high rollers for last 3 years
    no issues with tubeless out there. Have 180mm fork on series 1 nomad for alps and uplift/push up days

    lot more DH and jumping this year for 6 days (morzine but also did two road trips to Morgins DH runs/chatel)- might go 42a minion up front and high roller 60a (both 2.5ins UST next year)

    same wheels with 2.35 nobby nics or hutchinson toros hardskin in UK

    I'd go for new SX's plus a few spare spokes (not cheap but weight saving and tubeless

    Id probably go for 721's, just for piece of mind. I used one on the rear of my bike in the alps this year and it has stayed relatively straight, although there are loads of dents in it but I think thats because i was on a hardtail.


    I'm riding 721/pro II / minion/high roller.

    what happens when it rains though will the minion/high roller combo work or shall i get some spikes too?


    cheers everyone 🙂

    Premier Icon stevomcd

    I run DT Swiss 5.1s on Hope Pro IIs out here (currently running Maxxis 2.5" UST tyres – HR front, Minion rear). Great wheels, no hassles despite the "made of cheese" propoganda. I'm hard enough on kit to have broken my frame today as well…


    deemax and 2.5 minions – awesome!

    Premier Icon Tracey

    I ride DT 5.1 on Hope pro II with 2.5 Kenda Nevagal/Blue Grove lite, awesome in the Alps


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