Which GPS Cycling App for iPhone please?

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  • Which GPS Cycling App for iPhone please?
  • slackalice

    Having done a bit of brief googling/internet searching, I’ve discovered 5 app’s that may be worthwhile. Do you have a favourite or any other suggestions?

    My base requirements are for the App to take the place of a ‘standard’ bike computer, i.e. trip distance, total distance, avg speed, elapsed time, max speed etc, with additional useful stuff like elevation gain and possibility of route download and saving route to possibly post on a suitable site for others…

    The one’s I have come up with so far are:
    Cyclemeter GPS
    Cycle Tracker Pro
    Cycle Watch

    Or has anyone done a reasonable review of the current available Apps?

    Thank you.

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    You have to watch with all iphone apps that try to replicate a bike computer due to battery consumption issues.

    Having the screen on the whole ride will drain the battery no end. Perhaps turn brightness down to improve ?

    Alternatively, I’m sure all of the above including strava show you this kind of information post ride. Strava only shows some of these during the ride.


    Have a look at Kinetic, it’s about the most battery friendly one I’ve tried

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    I use garmin fit to log my rides. If you leave the screen on it flattens the battery in no time but if you lock It and return to the home screen it will run in the background without using too much battery and you can use it connect to garmin fit which is great

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    Not an app but waterprrof, long battery and not strapping a phone to the bars

    The garmain range is very good and perfect for what you want. Means your phone will still be charged and not knocked off into a muddy puddle.


    +1 for Strava

    I would suggest with whatever you use to turn it on then put it in your pack and forget about it. No need for electronic distractions while out riding, they’re for geeking out over at home 😉

    Cyclemeter by a mile, I’ve been using it for a couple if years now. Everything is available in app so you don’t need till post ride to review it on your computer. It integrates really well with the Wahoo speed, cadence, and HR sensors. Best of all everything is really customisable. I have mine stowed in my bag making announcements every km, including how my pace compares to the previous times I’ve ridden that route, e.g. 45 seconds behind fastest.

    Strava is very poor by comparison, and you can export from most apps to Strava anyway without needing to actually use Strava.


    +1 for a garmin edge 200.

    I have cyclemeter on my iPhone but I use a garmin which does all the tracking. i dont need to worry about the phone battery going. You can also set up an edge 200 to do rudimentary navigation too.

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    I’ve had Garmins for years but I’d still prefer if it were done on my iPhone (better screen, have to carry the phone anyway, hate having to support Garmin’s shoddy products – although admittedly Apple isn’t a whole lot better :p ). Given the battery issues though you’d need one of the mounts that support additional battery packs like the Topeak one http://www.topeak.com/products/PanoBike-Series/ridecase_ip5_bk but although it mentions it can charge the phone up to 3 times I still don’t know if that’s sufficient (and I only have a crappy old work iPhone 3GS). There’s also additional costs like an ANT+ dongle if you want to do HRM.

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    I use sports tracker but it’s pretty old hat now, strava or endomondo will do what you want OP, I use one of these to moimt the phone on the bars: http://www.buybits.com/Product/11705/Motorcycle-Bike-Handlebar-Mount-For-Samsung-Galaxy-S2-S-Ii-With-Waterproof-Case-sku-11705.aspx


    for offroad – ViewRanger

    on road – MapMyRide


    +1 for Strava
    I would suggest with whatever you use to turn it on then put it in your pack and forget about it. No need for electronic distractions while out riding, they’re for geeking out over at home



    Excellent feedback and info, thank you very much people. I shall have a wade through your suggestions and no doubt find what I’m looking for.

    I do note your comments regarding battery life if running the App on the phone and so mebbe a new bit of kit like the Garmin would be my better option, especially with the inclusion of post ride geek stuff!


    Another vote for Strava here!

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