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  • Which goggles?
  • Off to the Alps in the summer and will be requiring full face and goggles, gotta look the part.

    I’m thinking Giro Remedy L-XL for the lid, but what about googles!

    Friend says he ended up wearing just glasses, bt I’ like some google to try, apparently
    it gets a bit hot and sweaty in googles in July in the alps, any goggles better ventilated than others?

    Any experiences?

    Premier Icon steveh

    Electric goggles are really nice and a mate just got some of last years at a discounted price too. Be careful of buying anything to off the wall, the same guy had some dragons which he loved but just couldn’t get lenses/tear offs etc for them so had to get some new ones.

    Premier Icon yoshimi

    I’ve got Fox Main Pro goggles and would recommend them – not too expensive and use same lenses as Oakley, so easily available.

    Good choice on helmet btw


    Oakley MX O frame, Only £20 posted if you look around. Massive choice of colour combos, work well with the Remedy helmet, spare lenses are as cheap as chips and are easy available. Vent pretty well too, well, as much as a goggle can vent!

    Try this place;



    I wear SPY Magneto goggles, no problems with spares and never suffered with fogging up. Not stupidly expensive either.


    Got SPY also, really good goggles, have a double lens that doesnt fog even on the cold wet days…

    A friend used to ride with sunglasses, he received an impressive black eye from them in a crash when the helmet moved as I assume it would when he hit the chinguard on the floor, so personally i’d not ride in sunglases and a full face…

    Thanks everyone, i’ve been eyeing up the Magneto’s as they’re on offer at CRC, so might go for those!


    Ref the Giro Remedy,i’ve got one myself but find it quite heavy & not that well vented imho.Using it on uplift days in the colder months isn’t too bad however,but took it to LesArcs in the hot summer of ’07 & it was a bit claustrophobic.
    I now have a Specialized Deviant which is really well vented,& once its on tend to forget its there!

    Premier Icon stuartlangwilson

    Spy Alloy MX here, don’t fog as badly as my oakleys did.

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