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  • Which fruit trees for the Scottish climate?
  • glasgowdan

    I want to buy a couple of tasty plum trees and a pear and wonder if anyone can suggest varieties that do well up here? Would I need a pair of pears for pollination?

    I had a pear tree that was a ‘beth’ in my old house in Prestwick was bloody prolific

    Also had a couple of plum trees in that garden, were a bloody nightmare with wasps, I wouldn’t grow them again. I have a ‘katy’ apple tree in this house that is doing well. I didn’t have another pear tree, staying in an urban area, I don’t think pollination is an issue Dan.


    We’re they pears good to eat?

    Yes, I don’t like them, but everyone raved about them. If yer no sure, go to Maclarens nurseries just past Barrhead, monstrous place, not a garden centre a la Dobbies, just sells plants etc. Ask them what they have, it’ll be perfect for our area.

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    I’ve used these guys for supplying orchards for schoos – really, really helpful.

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    As above, find a local specialist grower. In North Yorks I went for Rogers in Pickering and took their advice of what would work best, helped by the fact that they were growing the plants 20 miles down the road.

    Conference is the commonest self fertile although even that will benefit from the chance of cross pollination. Other varieties are self sterile and need another tree to pollinate from and nurseries list pollination groups so you can pick trees that will be in blossom at the same time.

    Had a few cherry trees growing wild on some wasteland when I was a kid. We used to pick them and sell them to the local shops! This was in central Edinburgh.


    We have in our garden. Plum= does mega well. Pear=3 years, no fruit about to get binned Apple=4 or 5 per year that get to a decent size so is on a sticky wicket plus various berries, blue=doing well , redcurrant=produces too much loganberry=decent as well as rasps and strawberries that do well. All in a sheltered garden in stirling. I think a lot depends on the tree but the plum is just abeast with no maintenace

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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