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  • Which frameset for SS? [Darkside content]
  • Looking to build a SS commuter/runabout.

    Want it to be light and not to flashy…

    What frame would you base it round?

    Thinking of grabbing a boardman of ebay or soemthing but would a track frame be better due to the dropouts? (Will be building the wheels so the axel isnt an issue)

    Or is the track geometry that different from road that it would detract from the ride quality?

    If it is based on a road frame would you use a tensioner or eccentric BB/Hub?



    Premier Icon Stoner

    £100 for a pompino frame? Bargin.

    Very comfortable geometry – much moreso than a track frame would give you I expect.

    Not the lightest, I agree though.

    Premier Icon kilo

    Langster of Fuji track

    I would avoid an out and out track frame due to; steep geometry, harsh ride, tight clearances for tyres over 23mm and if it’s single speed the problem of fitting a rear brake

    Any cheep frame/bike and spend the chane on an ENO hub?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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