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  • Picked up an 07 santa cruz blur with a pushed rp23 and fox 36 talas’… should be lovely when its built up!

    Anyone here ran a blur with 36’s?

    I have to sell some bits to finance it… and I have some coil converted 20mm axle 150mm revelation ti’s that I’m pretty fond of in my stumpy at the moment, but I’ll be selling that bike with my old fox 32’s… are they more suited to the bike do we think? doesn’t matter which forks I keep, but cant really justify keeping both..

    My riding is lots of llandegla black/b-line, cannock, trail centre stuff basically, with the odd off piste epic thrown in here and there. the occasional uplift has been known, as has a nice ride down the rangers path at snowdon…

    Just looking for experiences really..

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    I think that for mucho downhilling the 36’s are undoubtedly stiffer, but personally, I’d go for the Rev’s if it was my bike.

    Fox 32 floats 140mm travel on mine, came with em fitted and they do the job nicely

    Any argument for the fox 36? I do spend quite a bit of time airborne and do a fair bit of dh amonsct my pedalling up them… having said that, i havnt really found the revs flexy, they have the 20mm axle.. Might have to use the foxes if the steerer isn’t long enough on my revelations, its was borderline on a medium stumpjumper, the blur is a large (part of the reason I swapped).

    Have a friend who runs 160 Lyriks on his, seems to be a hugely capable bike both up and down, the big forks definitely seem to suit it.I wouldn’t be ditching the 36s without giving them a good old try


    I have an 08 with the same forks. I also bought secondhand and thought I’d end up swapping them for 32s, but actually they’re great. The travel adjust is vital though I think – at 160mm it’s very hard work uphill.

    New BLT here, with coil Lyriks. Heavy, but I use it on xc rides locally and trips abroad and uplifted stuff. Really like it – the only FS bike I need. It isnt the best climber when things get really steep – a combination of bad skills and a wandering front end. Travel adjust doesnt make a huge difference, but I do use the U-Turn.

    I previously had an older blur LT with 150mm forks and found it a bit steep at times. I put some offset bushes in which helped, but prefer the size and angles of the newer frame personally.

    Interesting! Its sounds like the 36’s certainly wont make it too slack then, and in 130 mode they should climb like my revs if not a little better. I’ll leave them on and give them a go. I can always keep both forks briefly.

    My revs being coil converted, the 36’s probably arent much heavier…

    more info – the 36 talas’ have high and low speed dapming control, and the talas is in 3mm incriments…

    I think this means there pre 2007 36’s and only 150mm. 20mm axle with allen key and there black… since its seems there a bit older than I thought what were this model like?

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