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  • Thinking of getting a pair as a late christmas prezzy for myself. Which are your particular favourites? so many more options than the Impacts nowadays. Are there any differences between the particular models, i mean they are all stealth rubber, right?



    low impact 2 from CRC at a bargain 20% off…


    SPD compat or just flats?


    Well done dirtbiker100. That’s me back up to 2 pairs now! The last spare set sat unused for 2 years but what the hell, I don’t suppose they are going to get any cheaper!

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    Whats the fit of these like? I have really narrow feet.

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    The Karvers, for the lace flap. Or the Sam Hills if you can find a set as they’re less fugly than the rest. Both essentially just Impacts.


    Whats the fit of these like?

    quite roomy around the toes, but neater elsewhere. Haven’t met anyone that can’t get a size to fit, so wouldn’t be too worried


    freerides are good

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    Impact 2 fit is weird – I found it on the small side

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    My vote would be for the Karvers as well; the lace flap and raised ankle protectors being the main reasons. They look gash, especially when new, but no worse than 99% of SPD shoes.


    I love my Camp 4’s, but it’s probably more about whether you want them for purely riding, or for general messing round.

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    I’ve used the Low Impact and the Karvers on the bike, both really grippy, the Karvers edge it because of the lace flap, keeps everything dry and clean, at least you don’t have to chip off all the mud next time you try and tie the laces. They do look a bit special though!

    Also got a pair of Line Kings and Freeride, don’t tend to ride in these just liked them as day to day footwear, always found 5 10’s are a good fit for me, hence the 4 pairs!!

    The Freeriders have the same sole as the Impacts so super grippy, but look like ordinary skate shoes. Very comfortable and plenty of support. I normally take a 9 shoe so have size 44 Freeriders for riding so I can get some extra sockage in for cold weather and 43 for general knocking about


    Freerider sole is the same rubber but different in construction. The impact/karver sole is much stiffer whereas the freerider is more like riding in a pair of ordinary vans albeit with much more grip.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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