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  • Which First Aid course?
  • messiah


    A proper outdoor course.


    I’ll second the advice on the BASP course. I did one in June, having been pointed in that direction by members of the forum. Absolutely excellent, and I feel much more confident that I could make better decisions as a result.


    probably wouldn’t bother with ALS unless you are turning pro. A lot of first aid courses seem to be info over load and lots of advice of limited value. Redcross do fairly simple, sensible courses geared towards the needs of a group, but if I were paying and was interested in the subject then an outdoors specific one would be more fun thatn sitting in a church hall learning to do neat bandaging.

    Ultimately knowledge is useless without confidence to use it. A course that is fun and relevent will benefit you, and others more than a stuffy course with a generic qualification.


    Another vote for the BASP course (British Association of Ski Patrollers)


    BASP or REC (Rescue & Emergency Care).


    After reading the Man Down thread I had a look at First Aid courses and there’s rather a lot of options. Any recommendations for a one day course for mountain biking, possibly from this list….?

    St John Ambulance:
    Basic First Aid
    Essential First Aid
    Sports First Aid
    Activity First Aid

    Resusitation council:
    Immediate Life Support
    Advanced Life Support

    Red Cross:
    First Aid for Adult
    Emergency Life Support
    General First Aid
    Pratical First Aid
    Save a Life

    Outdoor First Aid
    Expedition first Aid

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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