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  • Which finger(s) do you use?
  • crikey

    Is this really something you have to ask the world about?

    your middle finger is longer so gives more leverage ? Im to busy hanging on most of the time to notice what I brake with and then usually my front brake only…


    middle only, like giving an inverse bird.

    I used to use both index and middle in a motorbike styleee but have recently converted to using middle only. I ride with the finger on the brake all the time and this allows me to change gear and brake without moving my hands at all

    The Doog

    Depends how far inboard you have your levers and how close to the bar they’re set. No one can tell you which finger is best for you to use really!!!


    Middle finger braking here. It’s the best for me, where my controls are.


    I’ve always thought it was a ‘me thing’ but I keep a grip of the bars with thumb and index finger and brake with middle and sometimes ring fingers


    no no no

    well inboard
    index only
    bite close to the bars


    I use my index finger on my 180mm brakes but my main bike I’m running 160 I use index and middle or in am emergency stop situation etc.

    I’m too addicted to using my thumb for shifting and change gear during or before braking.

    I prefer having my levers far away -closer to the bar could allow just one finger.

    Index – it’s in the right place after where my levers end up so my shifters line up with my thumbs (SRAM trigger). I run my singlespeed the same way to avoid my own demise when I try and pull a brake with the wrong finger.

    middle only here, converted about a year ago, feel more under control with index and thumb gripping bars. Still getting used to rear on left again after years of bmx and rear on right.


    I used to use my index & middle fingers for braking, then a mate suggested only using the index fingers for more control over the steering. Recently I noticed a pic on here of someone using their middle finger. I’ve tried it & it seems to give a better sense of control. Is there any good reason not to brake this way?

    Index only, changed to one fingers braking a few years ago – there you can get as much power with one so why take more off the bar than necessary


    Index only, unless I’m really scared. then its index and middle 😉

    Mister P

    I use Peter Pointer for braking.


    I usually use just my first finger, sometimes use just middle, but find I haven’t got as good a grip on the bars for lifting the front wheel.

Viewing 16 posts - 1 through 16 (of 16 total)

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