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  • Which Electric Wet & Dry Shaver under £100??
  • dickie

    Need a new one for a closer shave than my old Philips triple header & fancy a wet or dry model.

    Any recommendations??

    Thinking may be a Remmington XR1330 Hyperflex form boots at £90.


    I’d recommend giving http://www.shavers.co.uk a call and seeing what they think would suit you. They were great on the phone with me, took into account how often I needed to shave, current shaving regime, etc.

    Based on nothing more than that they sold me a Panasonic which has been absolutely brilliant, and this is a Panasonic in your price range, I’d say go for this one:



    Bought this one off boots about a month back

    Really really pleased so far, works well dry but is great in the shower and gives a pretty close shave, especially if used with shaving foam in the shower. Also great for extra wake up in the morning! Fast to charge, and with battery indicator.

    Only downsides so far are its difficult to get a good accurate cut at the bottom of side burns in the shower without a mirror and it’s difficult to get a really close shave on my neck for some reason!

    I got it on special offer which helped, if you search about they’re available for less than 50 quid.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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