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  • Which degreaser?
  • I want to buy a 5 litre bottle of degreaser. Have seen Gunk Ultra at £10 and Rhino Goo at £15. Which is better and any other suggestions?


    I use the Screwfix bargain basement stuff:


    £8.99 / 5 litres and seems to get the chain clean with little fuss

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    Screwfix, all the way.

    Rhino goo is the same as Muc-off.

    Thanks for that, didn’t realise Screwfix would sell that.

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    Yep I’ve just bought some Screwfix stuff on recommendation over on retrobike

    Screwfix stuff has a ph of 12. Don’t leave it long on anodized aluminium, it will strip it in minutes.


    Jizer’s a favourite of mine (smells far nicer than Gunk, too), though none i’ve used will shift chain waxes if that’s one of your targets, white spirit’s good for that job.

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    Always use Jizer. Have done for the last 30 years. Just had to buy another can, serves me right for giving some away over the years.

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    I reckon white spirit is best to get the chain clean. Then the Widers and Sodstrom chain lube.


    I soak chains in white spirit and mix white spirit with fairy liquid type soap to clean rings with a brush.

    after soaking the chain I keep the WS in a jar and the gunk eventually sinks to the bottom so most of it can be used again

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    Jizer will shift wax, but it needs a soak. I’ll often just drop the chain in an oasis bottle with jizer in. Give it a shake each time I walk past.

    Pour that into another bottle, rinse chain, job done. A few days later, all the dirt and wax has settled to the bottom. Careful pour the clean stuff into the other bottle and reuse. No wonder a 5l tin lasts so long.


    -> Ebay

    -> “Traffic Film Remover”

    -> 10L (100:1)

    -> Dilute into your spray.

    Probably slowly dissolving my bike but there’s **** all it won’t take off.

    If you need a deep clean, strip chain / cassette and put into white spirit.


    Jizer Bio has an appetite for anodizing – did a very good job of turning a black Hope hub into a not-so-black one 🙁   – although it must be said that it was also a pretty good degreaser too.

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    Jizer bio isn’t great for seals either. The original is better, for cleaning the bike anyway.


    Currently getting good results using this stuff carefully.


    Long term, I guess we’ll see, but the chain and gear teeth are coming up like new pins.

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